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  1. Agree it’s right as rain. An easy tell if under a black light no glow, good to go. Synthetic or polyester will show up very bright. Good hunting.
  2. I am trying to locate and acquire Otto Gullion’s medal grouping in order to return it back to the last year they were together before Otto’s passing in the 1960’s from a railroad accident. I have his Colt 45 in my collection, and for sometime I knew that Bob Gill had his medal grouping. However today I was informed by a forum member that is helping to manage Bob’s estate that he sold them a few years ago. Any help in locating this grouping would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and consideration. Stay well!
  3. Thanks for the replies and ideas. I spent a few hours going the Google route "pipe with wind guard" like you suggested and it produced a ton of items. But WWI KB&B specific seems to be the very hard part to track down. Got to love the "HUNT" part of collecting! Thanks again.
  4. All - I am looking to complete this counter display. It is missing the correct tobacco pipe that I believe had a cover. I can not find anything on the web as to what type of pipe would complete the piece. You can see I have a corn cobb as a place holder for now. Any help in completing the display would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Perfect fit. Thank you both for the insight. Its appreciated very much. Have a good weekend.
  6. Good evening - I am looking for some help in identifying this item. It has the following features - 14" Long 9" wide on each end 10" in the middle 4 snaps 2 eyelet holes Oblong padded patch 2.75" long by 2" wide 3 triangle padded patches at one end 3" long by 1" wide - opposite end of eyelet holes Manufacture - ?ARD-STN Dated Aug 1918 Named USMC - John A. Deane Number on middle Triangle 20S2 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  7. USMC8287

    my wife

    My deepest sympathy to you and your family's loss. She sounds like a great lady and everyone that met her was blessed to have her as a part of their life. Please remember she is in a much better place free from pain, and you will no doubt be together again. Stay well.
  8. Very impressive pictures. Thanks for passing these on. Great job!
  9. Thank you all for the quick and professional help as always. Have a great weekend! Kevin
  10. Can anyone please help me identify these 3 WWI ribbon bars. Thanks for your time, and direction, KT
  11. Thank you for the reply. I thought the same thing as soon as it arrived. It's on it's way back to the auction house.
  12. http://www.rare-posters.com/714.html http://www.nancysteinbockposters.com/ IMHO it's a reproduction. I have bought WWI posters from the above two well known dealers and the first web link shows a larger sized version for sale at $695. If you have any doubts I am sure Nancy Steinbock would give you her honest feedback. Just contact her through her website. Good luck!
  13. Thanks Pavel for the feedback and web link. I am attaching 2 more pictures showing the front and back of the handle. And yes the lettering (LF&C 1918) is that light under the U.S. 1918, and 27th Div YRPES Com 107th Reg is also very faint. I was hoping it was the real deal as the descriptions denotes a O'Ryan Roughneck veteran carried the weapon. However I think that is just a pipe dream. Once again your feedback and reply is greatly appreciated, KT
  14. Rob, Thanks for the intial feed back. I took a few more pictures to help confirm that the knife is indeed a repop. KT
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