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  1. Thanks manayunkman! I believes the cellophane is original when he bought them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Anybody have any idea on the origins of the patch. It came with a bullion CBI patch as well Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi I recently got this in a grouping from an aviator that flew Panthers off the Kearsarge in the Korean War. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi I am the owner of the cover. The objections to its authenticity had to do with the lack of little slivers of base fabric tan color not being present between camo splotches, in specific the dark green and brown splotches. In general, I pick a piece of camo up in hand, look at it, and its usually obvious. All these details are interesting tho
  5. i think i would be heading back to the shop to see if there is anything else from the estate sale, even track down other buyers if possible.
  6. this smock looks original. has a repro ever been made of these?
  7. super piece! mind if i ask where the agm auction can be found? woody
  8. btw- are the laces wwii period, or do you know a good place to get those? woody
  9. Bryan- cool boots, nice cat's paw soles, some of which are pretty desirable in the vintage market. what is really unusual is the exposed stitching on the welt, very unusual for US boots of the period. woody
  10. Bryan- where to start? they are all super. do you think the black stencil number on the mint one is a serial number or some manufacturer stamp? woody
  11. pinwheels on the embroidered and leather patches look to be "spinning" in opposite directions.
  12. i don't have an example on hand but the font and general appearance of the tag kindof reminds me of those on some tiger striped flight suits i have seen. woody
  13. Owen- i am sure more than one pair is out there somewhere, but i haven't heard of them, nor seen any MODERN pictures. some dealers/collectors have said they have seen regular usmc denim trousers, but it has always been a dead end. perhaps someone on the Forum knows? i have had a booth at the rose bowl swap meet (vintage denim central here on the west coast) for maybe 15 years, buying/selling every second sunday of the month. plus the old great western show and now bob chatt's show. i bought two of the pictured jackets early on in those years and have had an eye out ever since. other than that, i don't get out much. The donut buttons on these jackets are all steel, like other unpainted usmc steel donut buttons of the period, as on some usmc wool trousers and od coveralls, etc. woody
  14. this photo is about the best one i have seen of the bib-front trousers, courtesy of alec tulkoff: these guys are definitely not prisoners and i am willing to bet a night of beers those donut buttons are usmc marked! again, bib front has no pockets and the waist pockets look to be patch type, much like the 1st pattern od hbt trousers with the patch pockets. i have been involved in vintage denim and military for a good while and have yet to see a pair.
  15. and some details, especially of the denim itself, which is unique in the vintage denim world. it is light in weight with a weave and an indigo like not many other denims, lots of black in it.
  16. my two better ones, should have called them jackets or coats instead of shirts in the last post:
  17. here are my usmc denim shirts: all had shoulder and elbow patches sewn on and these two are the most obvious
  18. thx Rustykamel, nice photo of the bib front trousers. no pockets on the bib and usually two front waist pockets that are probably patch pockets. probably steel usmc buttons like on the jacket and 1-pc coverall but have never seen them up close. i'll see if i can dig some pics up tonight after work. look at the fit of the garment on that front sitting marine, like wearing an over-sized denim garbage bag with sleeves!
  19. i have several of the blue denim coverall jackets, two of which are the ones bfryar44 referred to, and each was modified to be a shooting jacket with elbow and shoulder pads. the pads were removed, but the thread and shadows are evident. i will post some pics this weekend. there are many historical photos of the jackets used on common work details, usually with bib front overall trousers, or overalls as commonly called. headgear is the same as worn with a normal uniform - visor, garrison, or field hat with egas. so these were most likely just typical work details and not punishment. i do recall a pic that i think alec had that showed several marines working in a field that seemed to be a punishment detail of some type. i am stretching my memory here but i think there were armed guards overseeing them. a friend of mine's father was career up into ww2 at least, and his dad told him that the blue denim was commonly worn on work details by all involved, no mention of punishment. i am sure that they were used to cloth prisoners of all types, but they were widely worn by all marines on work details without stigma attached. possibly at the very end of their supply availability they were relegated to this use, but early on they were worn by anyone doing a dirty job. i have yet to see pics of trousers without bib fronts being worn with these jackets. if anybody has some modern pics to post of the usmc trousers of any type, that would be a treat indeed. woody
  20. kevin- i have seen pics of aircrew wearing similar garments, and usually the down is baffled in squares or diamond shapes, not the horizontalish tubes like this one. the frieze material is what i normally associate with post ww2 clothing. eddie bauer made similar garments post war and during the war they had contracts for the b-9 and b-11 series cloth flight parkas and trousers. i think they were early hunting/outdoor wear used by military personnel under private purchase. if you are interested in selling, please pm me. thx, woody
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