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  1. Thanks guys!!! I learned a lot from this topic. Regards, William
  2. Hello, I bought this bayonet in 2011. I made an exchange recently with a guy. To my surprise, the guy returned the bayonet saying it was fake. I don't see anything wrong with her. Am I correct? Or is it a replica as he claims? Thanks! Best regards, William
  3. Hello guys, thanks for replies. Yes, MM "Marker's Mark". But it is a real wartime wing?
  4. Hello Guys, What do you think about this pilot wing? I never have one with this MM in the reverse. Is it a real WW2 wing? Regards, Schmidt
  5. Hello Guys, I bought a big lot of patches here. But there is one that I can't to find reference: Regards, Schmidt
  6. Hello, I received this Amico Sub this week. I had one or two these type of baddg in my hands in the past, but I don't have knowledge. Is it a realy good WWII badge? Best regards, Schmidt Dimensions: (9,95x35,08)mm Weight: 3,0gr
  7. Hello People, One friend sent to me these pictures of one Command Pilot Wing 3". Is it a real WWII Wing? Best regards, William Schmidt
  8. Hello People, I have one question: Are Jump wings with trade mark in reverse are WWII period or late 40's and 50's? Regards, Schmidt
  9. Hello People, I bought one group of US Army patches, but I never see one these.... Could you help me? May it is pos-WWII? Kind Regards, Schmidt
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