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  1. Full Metal Jacket. Still one of my favorite movies. - Wrong flack jackets. - The shadow of the Jetranger cast by the Sikorsky S-58 as it flew over the rice paddies ???
  2. I agree with Justin here. Very nice collection and display. :thumbsup: I say this as I am trying to think of a way to fill the last few inches of free space in my room :think: :ermm: You have a great set up there, thanks for showing it. Is that a Cattaraugus 225Q I spy on your half man. ?
  3. He made it out of there , at least in real life anyway.I highly recommend ''Helmet for my pillow'' and wished they could have followed the book a little closer. I also wish there were about twice as many episode with more character detail . It would have been nice to have shown a little more on the other branches of service too if they are going to call this the Pacific. Oh well ,enough grumbling. Enjoying the show though and looking forward to the next episode.
  4. WOW !!! Excellent mann. displays. I especially like the ww1 doughboy and the mountian trooper. Truly incredible.
  5. Could anyone help me find out what outfit H. F. Dillingham was in and when and where he served. The poncho is ww2 U.S.N. Thank you in advance for any help.
  6. Oddball

    War room

    A better pic of my m1910 pack set up.
  7. Oddball

    War room

    U.S. Japanese language guide. i.d.ed to a U.S.M.C. sgt.
  8. Oddball

    War room

    Had some time on my hands, so I changed out a mann. ( the one in the center ). U.S. G.I. late war P.T.O. He is wearing hbt's with center pleated pockets , double buckle combat boots , M-1 swivel loop front seam helmet. M1936 o.d. pistol bellt , '44 dated double pocket cabine pouch , all '44 dated canteen set up , Lt. wgt. gas mask bag , '44 dated first aid pouch , and a cattaraugus 225Q fighting knife. He is holding a single dog tag and a open and empty pack of smokes. Do any of you have any pics of this patt. hbt's in the pacific ? If so I would sure like to see them.
  9. Hi Matt, Can you i.d. this gray wool blanket.Is it even issue ? Seems to be reg. size. no tag . Thank you in advance. Ty
  10. Very nice :thumbsup: Well displayed
  11. Here is mine. Both signed by author. Mr Groves was a 17 year old runner in the 1st Div. He was shot in the neck and then bandaged up by a german medic during the war.He lived to be 97years old.
  12. Some good advice here. Really bad advice from the Hobby Lobby. Here is a shadow box I put together of my grandfather's ribbons, pictures, C.I.B.s etc. (ww2, Korea, 1960's) I used foam core poster board ( Dollar Store), covered it with Khaki colored cotton cloth from local fabric store. Wrapped the cloth around the poster board, overlapping the board by a couple of inches and securing it in place ( on back) with glue and tape. Once glue dried I took the tape off and positioned things on the face of the baord. Items with pins I would secure through the khaki cotton backing. For items with post
  13. Great looking setup. Outstanding job on the mannequin. :thumbsup:
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