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  1. i never paid a lot for it mate so im not worried as much as i would like to to say either way what its is it will just have to remain an unknown.
  2. i do know what you mean mate & I'm kinda agreeing with you but rather then a random set of chinstraps were acquired & then added to a shell that may have had them missing what I'm saying is that the straps on mine were originally sewn on but due to ware & rust they were either falling of had worn off so were put back in place using the metal clamps done by someone that probably didn't have access to acquire a new set of straps so had to make do & use what they available to hand to make the repair rather then go with out chin straps at all but who this was done by & when i c
  3. well i believe after looking at the pics & lid its self the chin straps are original the the shell but due to rust & ware they were removed & reattached using recycled metal clamps but when & who done by i will never know.
  4. thanks guys for all your input i have three possibilities now its either an old re-enactor, movie prop or NAM AVRN helmet so i guess i may never know ?? but one thing i do know its a pretty cool lid
  5. well the aging of the straps & metal clips would suggest it was done in service ??? my other thought was maybe an old re-enactors helmet or maybe movie prop ??
  6. when do you think this would have be done while in service or post service by another collector ??
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