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  1. The WW1 unit history of the 350th Infantry has a yard long picture of each company and a roster of the company numbered to correspond with the numbers on the front of the photo. Who are you looking for and I can get you a picture? PM me.
  2. Thanks for the mention Mike. I plan on being there. Vacation days are on the books.
  3. Nice items Maddie, I recognize a few items. It is refreshing to see her at our local Hastings, Nebraska military show with a few of her younger friends that are also collectors. She is indeed the future of our area collectors. She is smart, responsible, and always wanting to learn more about our hobby. Tell your dad you need a bigger room.
  4. This is a 16th Photographic Squadron patch. This was taken off a jacket. I know this unit was never overseas and I just want to know if it is good. I do not have much experience with squadron patches and I am not out a lot if they are not real. Thanks.
  5. Back of the above patch. Again a shadow not a stain.
  6. This is obviously a bomb squadron patch but I cannot find the unit. It is either the 273rd or the 723rd. Guessing by counting the stars. It is on a synthetic material of some sort. Never sown or used. Very pliable.
  7. I recently purchased a patch collection. I know the unit for 2 out of the 3. The first one I want to know what era it is and what the 3rd Engineer then OVHL stands for. It is a variation of the 29th Air Depot Group and I think this a sub unit. It is listed as a Disney war insignia. The material is a stiff water proof material that does smell old. There is no paint smell to the patch. Thanks in advance. For some reason photos from my phone will not post correct. Also that is not a stain but a shadow.
  8. Been getting my display ready for this show. Should be the largest display I have ever done. Stop by and see it and say hi. Always a lot of good things for sale.
  9. Nice addition to your awesome collection. Thanks for posting.
  10. Yep just a variant of a different catch.
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