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  1. Yes it is engraved. It also came with the Purple Heart Certificate.
  2. As a followup, my fiance provided the Army with the necessary proof of his great-uncle's military service and death in service of his country in World War I , 2nd Battle of the Marne (records were destroyed in the NARA fire). In June the Army awarded the following: Purple Heart World War I Victory Medal with Champagne Marne battle clasp World War Victory Button in Silver
  3. The Purple Heart was revived in honor of George Washington in 1932, however, on April 25, 1962 President Kennedy signed Executive Order 11016 and it included the award of the Purple Heart posthumously. I have included part of the text below. Note that it says forward to the next of kin, not primary next of kin. 2. The Secretary of a military department, or the Secretary of the Treasury, shall, in the name of the President of the United States, award the Purple Heart, with suitable ribbons and appurtenances, posthumously, to any person covered by, and under the circumstances descri
  4. I agree that it doesn't have the same meaning when the Purple Heart had to be purchased, collector's standpoint or not. I can speak for my finace in saying that his intent is to see that his great uncle is awarded the recognition he earned when gave his life for his country, it is not to claim his legacy.
  5. In the case of my fiance's great uncle he had no primary next of kin when the Executive Order 11016 was signed by President Kennedy on April 25, 1962. His last primary next of kin, his oldest brother was deceased by then. There was no one to make an application for receipt of posthumous Purple Heart on his behalf.
  6. Hi John, He did go through his congressman and that was the reply from the Army. He has not given up and will contact the office(s) of Barbara Boxer or Dianne Feinstein if it is necessary. Kathy
  7. They would not give the Purple Heart to this family because none of them are the "primary" next of kin according to the Army's regulatory policy. "Posthumous awards are authorized a one time issuance for the primary next of kin starting with the spouse, eldest child, father or mother, eldest brother or sister or eldest grandchild." My fiance made a request to the Army for award of posthumous award of the Purple Heart to his great uncle who was killed in action in World War 1. Their reply, he is not primary next of kin, and is not entitled to any awards verified by this office.
  8. Where did you obtain the information of who the medal was issued to? I have a relative who served in the Mexican Border Campaign and would like to look up the information.
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