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    Marvie, Bastogne (Belgium)
  1. Hello, I must look in my documentation for pictures. There was a Panzer MKIV that was destroyed in the south-east of the village, perhaps it could come from there. Stef
  2. Thanj's Doyler, I had not seen this thread. It confirms what I think. Stef
  3. Hi, Marvie? Hum... I live in Marvie! Beautiful piece! Stef
  4. For me it's not good. Thank's, Stef
  5. Hello guys, What do you think of this one? Thank you, Stef
  6. Hello, Cantenn cup and mess tins were produced in 1945, the canteen cup are quite rare. Those produced by the Belgian Army after 1951 are dated and labeled ABL + date. Good find, Stef
  7. Hello, The ribbon surrounded in yellow is the Belgian WW2 Croix de Guerre. Stef
  8. Thank you gliderrider401. I wanted to know a little more about the seller, you answered my question. Stef
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