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  1. a very important and beautiful helmet. history in hand.
  2. here is your chance to get one. it is a grouping. the back of the instructor gold wings looks rough and I question it. #184359749917
  3. I understand Pat on your answer but, I couldn't get the back side up. tried and got the flag on a sharing violation so I send it to you directly.
  4. im looking at this wing and feel kind of good about it. need an opinion before I jump. appears to be brass silver coated.
  5. call it a 1/2 & 1/2 lid. half real and half crap.
  6. I like it--- it just doesn't have that made up hump look.
  7. I asked the same question but, realize that as the war went on fix bail pots were used in jumps due to shortages and as I stated glider troops wore fixed bales with para liners. several times when you see something that doesn't seem to be right-------------- it is.
  8. when it comes to painted helmets, you have to step slowly. helmets are highly humped by bargain basement termites that have no feelings for any one. ask questions before you buy. liner looks good period ww2 (Westinghouse?). i'll take a guess on the pot--- and say its good. I am no expert but, it doesn't have that fake Rembrandt look that some joker made up. there is something else------------- that is a fixed bail pot not an M-2. there have been para glider troops that wore regular pots with jump liners. lets see other opinions.
  9. it doesn't de-value nothing. it is still a vet bring back. if you need a permit to own, then fine. if I may say-------- every one is hung up on a name on the items they want to buy. to me its bull. a lot of vet owned items were not named or ASN'ED so does it mean its worth less??????????
  10. here is a real camo Westinghouse. well used------------------
  11. no----------------- not an orber.
  12. caught this yesterday. the second that I have acquired named and dated. M.E. Bryson named
  13. the barrel with the proper P-H is tough and costly if a nice 1 is found. main spring housing, trigger and other small parts are out there and pop up on ebay from time to time and gun broker. if you can do it --- the thing that hurts it is the NRA stamp but, still worth over 1000.00.
  14. weird------------- reminds me of the colors used in Nam.
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