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  1. i am not kicking myself for any thing John. its at the point now where im starting to think about slowing down. age and other things are now in view.
  2. this does not look good. feathering looks to be weak, lack of detail. i went back to find the listing and wing was gone. it was a buy it now at 200.00 with a no return police. maybe some of you seen it.
  3. now that lid i love. a real trooper there. would love to have it.
  4. let me revise what i stated thanks to this lame key board i have. i was going to say DONT WASH or DRY CLEAN. it will fall apart.
  5. you can wash it or dry clean it. best thing if it is possible is have it mounted in a acid free frame where it will be set for its life.
  6. Costa

    2 nice Brits

    i added these 2 nice wings to the family.
  7. any one interested?? #32400561291
  8. it was said in previous threads it was a fake. silver hallmarked--- NO--- sterling-- YES
  9. Can you please provide picture of maker's mark on blade of long army bayonet you have for sale?

  10. which leads me to beleive it is a cold war lid.
  11. the other day i posted a burlap covered lid and was waiting for it to arrive. now it is here. it is a rear seam swivel bail with od7 chin straps. at first i thought it was fixed bail for 1 bail was facing up-- didnt see the mount. now i can go korean war or cold war at this point. the liner has whats left of it a decal and one on the front which resembles a rounded top v shaped configuration that a soldier would wear on his uniform in the 50's or 60's. webbing is od7 with green painted A washers and black painted brass clips to the sweat band, capac 51-52 embossed at the dome. im leaning to a
  12. oops!!!!!!!!!!!! . forgot one. i will know more when i get it in my hands.
  13. caught this one off ebay today. the only time that i know of burlap was used on pots was in the Korean war and cold war with our troops in Germany. pot is a fixed bail. liner appears to have od7 webbing with a dome stamp of capac 52.
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