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  1. this badge sold on ebay and this hallmark just don't look right. nose dragon sounds like a foreign fake name. even the detail looks to be off from other makes. any one have info on this??
  2. if it was paint you would see remnants of it. could have been white tape???
  3. nail head prongs-- i say post ww2.
  4. this wing measures about 2-3/4 long. not sure of the maker.
  5. Hi Costa,


    You seem to be selling off some of your collection. Would you happen to have a KW paratrooper helmet that you're looking to part with? Thanks, Eroc

  6. here is an item i have never seen before. the short strap is said to be a cavalry short strap for the canteen mount. question--- it is Brit made but, made for U.S. and for mounted troops????????
  7. indeed---------- 6 wheel TD patches are very scarce and are highly desirable.
  8. cool------------------- i like the police bayo.
  9. i saw that roster also but, didnt go through the entire thing. the lid pot and liner is ww2 a plus but, surplus was used right into Nam. wonder if that sub was active then and around there?????????????
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