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  1. thanks for the info all--------------- he passed in 2008 and is buried in Sioux city.
  2. marty------- this wing is a Lampl bombardier--------------------
  3. looks like the pin mount is repaired but, the question is the engraving
  4. appears to have a repaired pin mount but, the question is the engraving---------------
  5. arrived today and upon in hand inspection I observe a couple of oddities different from the other 2 Arizona flats I have. but, first----------it does have some mothing, expected from an old wool item. the stiffener inside is loose but, still holds the shape around the hat. the strangest thing about this item is that it has some sort of adjustable cloth strap inside sort of like a chin strap which my other 2 don't have. its named and still in strong condition for its age (1930's?). shame that the yellow color on the lettering is gone but, the ships name can still be seen. and here is another thing-------- the tally is not centered as seen in the picture. regardless of the mothing, stiffener and off center tally anything from the Arizona is scarce.
  6. 3-----------------
  7. as a matter of fact it was very easy
  8. nice named flat hat very possibly from the 30's. of course the tally lost its yellow lettered coloring but, how can you pass up any item from the most famous ship in history?
  9. you have some rip offs right here too
  10. guys, as time goes on when it come to painted lids you have got to tread slowly. you have basement born artists out there that will screw you and not feel bad about it. lids and uniforms the 2 mines on your path.
  11. did I see the seller name "ESTATE MAN??
  12. no I don't have any examples for what I see is enough and when you point out a fake and then you are blocked that sez it all. end of story.
  13. this seller has had many painted lids on ebay and uniforms--- 1 after another and many are questionable. when I sent him an email stating an item of his was fake well, guess what --- he put a block on me. that sez it all. I have been in this to long to be blind as to what goes on in this collecting militaria. over 50 years and see some of the well know con artists going back to early days. me personally would never block any one as well as not answering questions. and I can say with all honesty should I sell an item I would take it back with no questions if the buyer was not happy with it.
  14. steel claws early ww2--- other ww2 also im sure
  15. I don't know where this guy gets an endless supply of lids and uniforms but, this thing looks bad.
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