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  1. Excellent article and research Armed 2 tha Teeth!
  2. Very nice and impressive collection!
  3. I have a relic condition M1 helmet I recovered this past summer from a Pacific War battlefield. Regarding battlefield relics I am a firm believer of leaving them in "as is" condition and not cleaning or treating them with anything, but this helmet is deteriorating a little everyday as tiny flecks of rust fall off. I have the helmet displayed in a climate controlled environment in a cabinet on a glass shelf so I have been able to keep an eye on the overall deterioration since putting it in the cabinet. I would like to do what I can do to stabilize and slow the deterioration process of the helme
  4. Any tips on how and what to use to mount/hang an original sword (without scabbard) horizontally onto a wall? What are the current methods museums are utilizing? Thank you for any and all advice.
  5. With all of the great history books out there why would anyone serious about history read any of O'Reilly's books? They belong on the historical fiction shelves of bookstores and libraries. It sickens me to see his books on the non-fiction best seller lists, while some great really well researched and written history books fade into anonymity. You only have so much time in life and only so much time to devote to reading, spend it wisely by reading quality stuff!
  6. Great collection and awesome "junk room"!!!
  7. ptogi

    Punji trap

    Or you could use model dirt and foliage they sell at hobby shops for model railroads and dioramas so you can get the color of the soil to simulate that of a jungle. www.woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/
  8. Looking forward to following the development of your museum! Is the main focus of your museum going to be the role of Brazil in WW2?
  9. Great collection! I love how you have displayed your items.
  10. Points taken about the cemetery... I have been to that cemetery and should have worded my original response differently, but as this thread is about Ernie Pyle/WWII all of my comments refer to the Battle of Okinawa and not about the post war situation... My point being (and I should have originally worded this differently) there are no longer cemeteries on Okinawa of US servicemen that were killed during the 1945 battle... the only US servicemen buried on the island that predate 1945 are the sailors from the Perry expedition. On the other points, well I guess we can agree to disagree...
  11. In addendum: it goes without saying, but there are still US servicemen who were killed during the Battle of Okinawa and their remains have yet to be located and recovered. The three sailors from the Perry expedition are the only US Military remains on Okinawa currently buried in a formal cemetery.
  12. Have you been to Okinawa before? Your statements are not entirely correct... The Division cemeteries are no longer on Okinawa. The remains were either reinterred at the Punch Bowl or sent home to their families for local burial. Pyle is buried at the Punch Bowl. The only US Military remains present on Okinawa are three sailors from Commodore Perry's expedition buried in a small "foreigners" cemetery in the Tomari Port area. There are several US memorials/monuments (on land & sea) on Okinawa (there are more present on Okinawa than at many other islands where Pacific War battles occurred..
  13. ptogi

    My Room

    Very impressive collection and war room Mike!! Looking forward to seeing more pics of your collection. Thanks for sharing.
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