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  1. Finally.....a shovel cover. Found this on FB outta Canada. Looks un issued. Now for a Compass Pouch. I think thats the last piece Im looking for? Anyone have a spare? ;)
  2. What is this Primus Bello design you speak of?
  3. I agree that the non skulled with Fat handle dagger is much harder to find. If this is a type 3, what is a type 2, assuming that the dueling skulls is a type 1. Ive always considered this a type 2? Thanks
  4. Thanks Brian. I'm having fun with it. I'll have something Tuesday you'll want to see.
  5. Heres a pic with the Priests collar that was my Father in Laws. Not sure if these would ever have been worn in the Military but thought it made for a nice picture. Also beret is not his, not even sure what Group(s) he served with yet.
  6. I've been vacillating over this on Ebay for quite awhile, and as the seller was going to be at the SOS, I asked him to bring it along. I wanted to see it in person and see what else he could say regarding this mans history. I dont collect Chaplain items but I do have both WW1 & WW2 Chaplain groups, both IDd to the 37th Division. I thought as I now collect Special Forces items this would fill a nice spot in both. I will begin my research ASAP. All I know about Father Arthur P. Craig (Major) is that he is possibly still living in the Southwest U.S. at the age of 91. Anyone that might have info on the Father please feel free to share here or PM me. (Jason Hardy photo)
  7. I'm resurrecting an old topic here with a twist, of sorts.... Denmark made berets, but I'm wondering what time frame? All I have seen are quilted liners with their name inside including a Zip Code, which would date them to not earlier than 1967....ish I collect US Vietnam era berets and have never seen a legit VN era DENMARK Military beret. When would these have started to be worn by US Forces?
  8. BTW Ive started a Face Book page for discussion & sales of Vietnam era berets, 1950-1975. All countries that committed forces are welcome to be posted. https://www.facebook.com/groups/3141377419246582/
  9. I saw someone else displaying their berets just tossed on the ground and I liked the look, so I decided to photograph mine the same way.
  10. And this his the then 1st Lt. in this jacket, prior to his wings and SF patch and tab being sewn on...
  11. This arrived yesterday. I know Field Jackets aren't a big deal to most collectors, nor to me either, unless nicely made and ID'd, but as I have had an SF Enlistedmans M-51 for awhile I've had hopes of pairing that up one day with a nice Officers jacket. That opportunity came last Sunday on the 'Make a Deal' FB page. I made a few offers and was accepted. Whilst going back and forth on that, I decided to post his name on one of the Vietnam vets sites I belong to. Guys that were there and may have served with him. Not only did several guys there know and serve with him, but he was a member of the site as well. With-in 20 minutes of buying the jacket I was talking to the original wearer, Colonel (Ret), then 1st Lt., John Erskine, 5th SF. Two tours in Vietnam, first as a 1st Lt., (this jacket) 1st Gp, then as a Capt. in the 5th Gp. As you might imagine he was flabbergasted to see this from out of the blue from over 50 years ago. He was even more surprised to find outfit had journeyed all the way to NJ. When I asked if he could confirm it was indeed his, he told me what size it should be, which, the seller confirmed. I was a bit concerned that it was new looking and was still a 1st Looeys rank. He explained that when leaving Okinawa someone had stolen it. So I present to you the Field Jacket of then, 1st Lt, John Erskine, 1st Special Forces Group. BTW... He sent me several digital pics of him in country, training, etc. One of those is his final qualifying jump for his wings.....in this very jacket! Here is his quote to me via Email....."I did find one photo of me wearing the field jacket and you can clearly see the name tag. It was taken after my final qualifying jump in jump school on Okinawa. LTCOL Dawson, Dep CDR, 1st SF Gp, is congratulating me and pinned on my wings. Oki was the only place it got cold enough to wear a field jacket, I guess. Not wearing one in any of my Viet Nam photos! "
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