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  1. Heres mine from the other thread with correct goggles, Rhino mount & face shield. Also the MMH II manual.... MMH II Manual.pdf
  2. Are the 'eyes' partially drilled or just painted on? Any Hallmark?
  3. Thanks Tim, I had started to think I'd never see one, much less own one.
  4. In an earlier post I mentioned Im looking for a nice un Issued 1956 dated canteen, that should have read 1954 canteen no cup needed. Thanks
  5. Thanks, I believe it was the original hand grenade strap.
  6. Thanks that only took 4 1/2 years! LOL. Now for the variations!
  7. ...and two versions of FN pouches that are much bigger than the standard M-16 20 rd pouches
  8. Here's my whole set up. Everything is Mint/Near Mint. Seems thats how most of these pieces show up though. Its hard to get good pics of everything assembled. If anyone wants individual pics I will separate them and photograph everything separately Also Im looking for a minty '56 canteen & cup for the canteen cover anyone can help?
  9. FINALLY! The elusive Compass/Bandage pouch. I never thought Id find one. I find it odd that there's no QMC above the EX 54- 1 markings? Perhaps the pouch is too small? I have everything now, sans different versions, except for the Sleeping Bag Carrier.
  10. Theres a topic on these already here on the forum. I havent time to find it though. Has some great pics of these being worn as well. I think these came in Sand, Green OD and maybe Grey? I have one with all the extras for sale in the sale section
  11. Finally.....a shovel cover. Found this on FB outta Canada. Looks un issued. Now for a Compass Pouch. I think thats the last piece Im looking for? Anyone have a spare? ;)
  12. What is this Primus Bello design you speak of?
  13. I agree that the non skulled with Fat handle dagger is much harder to find. If this is a type 3, what is a type 2, assuming that the dueling skulls is a type 1. Ive always considered this a type 2? Thanks
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