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  1. i have ames 1945 also with carying case in used but good shape what is the value of these
  2. when you get it in your hands get that sling on right the long end is on backwards also dont get to excited about the price of your m1 at 800.000 maybe 800.00
  3. back in the 60s there was a pt boat called( ? mark) at ocean city Maryland giving an evening cruise along the beach wife and I did the ride it was great
  4. how about the guy on the stretcher looks like a son of nippon
  5. back in july 1949 when I was issued one of them they were called seabags
  6. I am sure that's not a Vandegrift .a Vandegrift is a shorter jacket ,your uniform is what is called a blouse.i was issued both of them july 1949 pi sc
  7. what is the value of a first marine div patch peepsight
  8. looks like he is wearing a kackie battle jacket like the one I was issued at parris island july 1949
  9. I have a set of buck sergeant chevrons from1951 that look like yours front and back that were on my greens blouse. peepsight
  10. it looks like he is wearing kakies but the square shirt pocket is not marine corps of 1942 peepsight
  11. i was issued a tube of barbasol in my bucket issue at parris island boot camp in july1949
  12. I still have two I will sell if anyone is interested
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