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  1. Hi all, Hoping that someone can help about devices this man may have received on his WW2 campaign medals, the seller does have other medals however there not very good with descriptions (or in getting back to me), the US Victory medal ended up not being in it's box of issue and arrived just by itself. He had 18 years service with the US Army Air Corps Reserve from 12th July 1923 to 17th May 1942 He served 4 years during the Second World War on the active list from 18th May 1942 to 30th July 1946 Transferred back to the reserves on 31st July 1946 and retired after another 9.5 years on
  2. Hello Jeff, Yes I think your correct, I ended up downloading an abbreviation list for American decorations and have worked out that Colonel Frank Anthony Flynn received the following awards over his more than 30 years service with the British Royal Flying Corps, British Royal Air Force and US Army Air Corps Reserve: WW1 US Victory Medal without clasp American Defence Service Medal American Campaign Medal WW2 US Victory Medal Armed Forces Reserve Medal National Defence Service Medal British War Medal British Victory Medal Russian Order of St Anne, 3rd class with swords From
  3. Thanks for this information At first I thought ADSM might have been Army Distinguished Service Medal however did'nt think a Colonel in the Reserves would have got one of those. I purchased the single British WW1 Victory Medal from E-Bay. I think asked if they had his British War Medal which is also named to him and they said yes, so I purchased that as well. They then can back and said they found his WW1 US Victory medal, so I have just purchased this. I'm assuming it'll be in it's named and addressed box of issue to him. They have all been posted to a fried in New York so I have only seen
  4. Hi, I've just acquired a British pair to a Lieutenant Frank Anthony Flynn who enlisted as a 2nd Lt with the US Cavalry in 1917. He was discharged to undertake training as a pilot in Canada with the British Royal Flying Corps. He saw overseas service in England and the closing stages of the war in France. Lt Flynn then volunteered for service in Russia where he did bombing raids on the Russian lines. He accidently shot himself in the leg while loading an automatic pistol which finished his service and he was discharged and he returned to his home in San Francisco, California and studied to
  5. Kurt and Adam, Thanks so much for this information. Shame he didn't have a middle name, it'll be hard to find information on him. Kerry
  6. Sorry it is an Army China medal i believe with a No before the number. The medal is with a friend and i have'nt seen it, he believes that it was awarded to a member of the US Cavalry.
  7. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone on the Forum has a China roll, just checking who was awarded medal numbered 567. Any help appreciated Kerry
  8. What a fantastic group, the naming on the Military Cross is stunning Kerry
  9. Hi Mark, I found this very interesting, his British service has been hard to find, finally located his Medal Index Card for his 1914-15 Star, however the card states his name as H. H. B Lewis. The service numbers are correct, 55929 and 127877 Royal Army Medical Corps and Royal Flying Corps cadet, I'm assuming his British War Medal and Victory Medals were issued by the RAF. It is interesting that his card has written in pencil "No MM or MSM card found" so I'm assuming he applied for a British Military Medal or British Meritorious Service Medal at some point. I had a look at findmypast a
  10. All, just to let everyone know, everything has been resolved between jeff and myself, all is now well Kerry
  11. Guys I'm not trying to Lynch Jeff, I payed for this medal via Paypal on the 20th Dec 2015 in good faith and believing Jeff to be a very respected member of the collecting field, it is now the 13th April 2016, I don't have the medal however Jeff has my money. He hasn't replied to the many e-mails I have sent, except one, so his aware that the medal never arrived, this contact was in February. People have seen him recently, so I'm happy that his well and nothings happened to him. What I'd like is Jeff to take the time to contact me and let me know what is going on, can't see that I'm asking
  12. Hi, Very disappointing, I never thought about claiming through PayPal, thanks for that information, I'll have to work out how to do this. I'm also a member of the British Medal Forum, so is Jeff. I have also been contacted by other members of that forum saying the same thing has happened to them. I'm at a loss as to why he would take people's money and not deliver the goods at all or in one case months later? myself, I wouldn't be able to sleep at nights I also thought Jeff was a very respected member of the collecting world, sadly I have now changed my mind about this. Kerry
  13. Hi, Does anyone know if Jeff Floyd's site is still operating? I purchased a medal from his medal site before Christmas, he contacted me once, back in February saying that they were just coming out of snow storms, surely the storms are over by now? Now 4 months later, no medal and he won't answer e-mails? I must have sent at least 10 or more by now. Really unsure what to do next??? Kerry
  14. Hi, Haven't had that much luck at this stage finding information on him, his service paper are currently not available for another three years I believe, what they released didn't tell me much. I know he served on Active Duty from 3rd August 1937 to 13th Feb 1957, then inactive reserve from the 14th Feb 1957 till he retired on the 1st June 1967. His listed as a Chief Carpenters Mate and also a Damage Control Chief, awards that they gave me under the freedom of Information Act are: Navy Unit Commendation Medal (not sure what the Unit means) Navy Good Conduct Medal Asiatic Pacific Thea
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