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  1. While it is a somewhat esoteric field of military collecting these type items do have significant value. As is, this helmets value is roughly equal to a Plain Jane FB in nice condition. If you remove the paint you will have a stripped Plain Jane helmet worth half that amount. TP
  2. I agree. Best not to remove the cover. They never look quite the same after the cover has been removed. TP
  3. Check out ebay and look for a set where the liner chinstraps and cover have similar wear. You'll never know if it's a matched set but you can still get nice complete helmets with even wear to the components for $60 to $80.
  4. Auction pics are not good but the liner webbing looks like Korean era. That's a nice table they are sitting on...made from re-claimed wood.
  5. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5. Seabees helmet with grafitti...the helmet shell is painted gray. NMCB 5 had six consecutive deployments in Viet Nam.
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