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  1. BZ to the talented LTjg! Well done! R
  2. Don't be fooled - now or ever. Inside, along the wall of the bottom half of the can, you can see my maker's mark: AOD...for Arcadia Ordnance Depot. (I mark all my repro cans in this manner). This can is circa either 2008 or 2013. I don't know the seller. I guess I should have been selling them for a lot more back in those days Rob L.
  3. Excellent shot. Unwrapping yellow frags from an early wood crate (without end cleats) with what looks like a Jan 42 packing date - and already marked with a lot number. How many thousands of times you think those 'Rosies' did that? R
  4. The tubes in the auction listing are (as Dirt Detective surmised) my reproductions. I started making repro tubes about 15 years ago (to fill my repro crates). Frags, 60mm mortar, 2.36 inch Bazooka, 37mm, and in 2013 I added 76mm Gun tubes (made hundreds of each type for use in the film Fury). I sold out of all the extra tubes I made for Fury not long after the film came out. Been thinking about another run of tubes for a few years but it seems like my real job keeps getting in the way of the fun stuff. Back in the day, I used a few original tubes in my collection as templates
  5. None of the Army flyer had rank insignia. A quick note: it wasn't until August 42 that Army regs specified that officer insignia of grade be worn on the garrison cap. Doolittle Raid predated that reg. Rob L.
  6. I remember when you came to the Mail Call set and let the Gunny fire your device. "First time ever on TV"! Quite a day! Congrats on the acquisition! And for holding the world record for 'patience'. Rob L.
  7. yeah, but the telescopic gun sights are what people are going to go the movie for anyway.
  8. Keeping my fingers crossed. Last Spring, fabricated some telescopic sites and a few other things for their aircraft. From my perspective, it looked like they were trying to get most things right. I guess we'll find out in November! Rob
  9. Great job on the research! Well done. A grouping thats all the more timely (and valuable) considering that a new, multi-part TV series of Catch 22 is in production!
  10. Hi Yes, a cunning custom tool is helpful. Described my needs to a custom router bit manufacturer and they made this for me - about ten years ago. Rob
  11. Howdy. I'm trying to find out what a windsock would have been made from during WWII - when used in a forward air base in Europe. I've seen color images of white windsocks. But are they silk? or a more heavy duty fabric like canvas? Any manuals that might dictate this sorta thing for aviation engineering units or whoever set up a forward base in Europe or Italy? Thanks for any guidance. Rob L.
  12. No doubt Mike is right about the three screw hardware as being post World War II - and likely post Korean-war as well. The Reed and Prince screw heads are pretty cool - and probably collectible in and of themselves! (for those fastener fans out there!). Rob
  13. Congrats on 25 years of setting the 'reproduction' bar very high in quality, selection, and customer service! So you were just a few years old when we met at the Great Western? And I too still enjoy my (now vintage) but still perfect WWII Imp M42! And you can tell by my lack of grey hair in this photo - I've had it a long time. (but for some reason though, it fits a bit tighter every year. ) All good wishes for the next 25 years! Rob L.
  14. Somewhere there is a picture of those weapons on the wall - I can't seem to put my hands on it right now. I did see one framed poster of Hitler leaning up against a wall. A modern copy. But not sure what it was supposed to imply. We photographed all sorts of weird voodoo stuff. Noriega had voodoo poppets (or whatever the dolls are called) of his enemies, and he had a black magic priestess cast evil spells, place hexes on people, and assemble 'bad luck charms'. We filmed a US Army voodoo specialist (I kid you not. Who has THAT job?) behind a table covered with creepy stuff like a m
  15. Looks like if Noriega had ever been released, he could have rebuilt his full wardrobe with just a few 'WTB' postings here on USMF! Excellent shirt you got there Lance. I also recall a conference room or office in the Comandancia with walls covered in 'collectible' firearms of all manner of make and model. Vintage Colts, .semi autos, muzzle loaders, nickel S&W's., you name it. But there was also an alert MP standing inside the kill radius. "Make him a deal". "What kinda deal?" "A deal deal. Maybe the guy's a Republican".
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