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    US Army Aviation Vietnam - headgear (helmets with art and personalised caps) - pocket patches used condition.
  1. House is burning Justin, which 1 do you grab? Thanks for the share. Marc
  2. Any chance you can post a pic of the shirt? Great pick up! Thanks
  3. Excuse me jumping the thread, could I please ask what the value would be of one near identical and named? Thank you marc
  4. Very nice especially the patch. is there a story behind how you landed this? Thanks for the share. marc
  5. Had the Rowells Rats been real, that would have been your patch find of the decade!
  6. That a recent acquisition Dean? Looks proper!
  7. Lovely shot Alex. Thanks for the share. marc
  8. Mortar shrapnel damage. The owner survived and got to bring this home, no cover unfortunately. C company 2nd battalion 39th infantry (9th division) Quote: " I was wearing that helmet on/or about March 1st 1968 in Dong Tam, South Vietnam. We were counter firing our 81mm mortars from Fire Support Base Fels. It was one of the worst mortar attacks when a mortar round hit just outside our pit which blew my helmet off giving me a concussion and killing my gunner. We received a bronze star with a V for valour for our actions hitting our targets". marc
  9. Unfortunately not Justin, ebay pick up from a seller with no history to share. thanks marc
  10. You are one lucky duck Dean. That's a wonderment! Thanks for the share. Marc
  11. examples we know of so far: 8, 28, 27, 33, 41 and now 23.
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