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  1. I believe it might have something to do with a college or fraternity. The dates of 1913, with just 14, 15, and 16 after it as column headings for the names under it may be class years. I found a probable hit on findagrave for O.S Nau (probably Otto S. Nau, born 1893) and one possible hit for R.J. Barritt (probably Robert J. Barritt, born 1893/1894). That would put these two men around 22 or 23 years old in 1916, which is fairly typical age for college graduates. What state/city/area was the bell found? Was it found with other military items that may lead you to believe it has a military connection? How many names are engraved on the bell? What year is B.M. Noone found under?
  2. Does anyone know what this badge is? It is stylized after the early style sharpshooter badge, with the top hanger bar marked “Crack Squad” and the bullseye pendant marked “PCAC”. The badge is bronze in color and is maker marked Jostens on the back. Does anyone know what “PCAC” stands for? Any help is appreciated!
  3. Does anyone know how old this California National Guard Military Cross Medal is? I was thinking perhaps 1930s-1940s. It has a full wrap brooch and is marked 1/20 10K GF. Is there any info available on the types of these medals, ages, and rarity? Any help is appreciated!
  4. Does anyone know what this item is? I am fairly sure it is aviation related, but I’m not sure if it is military, or how old it is (I believe WWII-Vietnam era). It is 4 3/8” length x 2 9/16” width, and is matte black in color (like many instrument panels), with the faint remnants of a white round stamp on the top of the flip up door. On the front top is a clip with a white sighting line(?), held in place by a slotted adjustment screw that rotates the gears on the back. These gears controls the spiral shape aperature on the larger of the two round optical devices(?) on the back. The front flip up door opens up to access the two bulbs inside (marked T53 on each bulb base). The back has a recessed channel with a rubber o-ring gasket to seal this item to whatever it was mounted to (most likely an instrument panel). As far as the two optical devices(?), one has a V-shaped cross hair with a dot in the center and a small plus sign above it when a light is shined through from the back. The other device has an adjustable spiral shaped aperature that changes size when the gears are rotated. Pinpoint size light shines through at the 6 lines of the spiral and at the center. Does anybody know what this is, how old it is, and what aircraft it came off of (if military/aviation related)? Any help is appreciated!
  5. Does anyone know what “0C3CCD” stands for on this named USCG Good Conduct Medal or does anyone have any info about the recipient? I’ve conducted some research online and couldn’t find any info on either. Any help is appreciated!
  6. Can anyone tell me what exactly do I have here? I believe this is a representation of a Civil War sword, but I don’t know if it is Union or Confederate, what model it is, or if it is even authentic (I have my doubts). The sword measures 37 1/4” overall, the blade measures 31 3/4” long, 15/16” width, and 5/16” thickness at the back of the blade at the hilt (the thickest part). There are no markings on the blade. The handle is brass and is stamped “22M 58 7”. The grip is a hard material (probably painted wood), , and doesn’t exactly line up that well below the hilt (although it is very tightly installed). Is this an authentic Civil War sword? Any help is appreciated!
  7. Thanks! Are there any rolls of US recipients of this medal?
  8. Can anyone identify this ribbon bar? It was found on a post WWII embroidered ribbon rack to a USAF officer who served in WWII in the Asiatic Pacific theater. Any help is appreciated!
  9. Does anyone know what this armband is? It sort of reminds me of a WWII acting sergeant armband, but the stripes are not like any US stripes I have seen, and the armband is red (not black). Is it foreign? Any ideas?
  10. Has anyone seen the new Grant mini-series on the History Channel? Last night was the first night of this 3 day series. Overall, I thought it was pretty interesting, with a combination of reenactments of events and expert interviews. However, I felt the insane amount of commercials really degraded the enjoyability of the series. For this 2 hour series, it seemed like they would continually have 5 minutes of show and then 5 minutes of commercials. Did anyone else notice this too?
  11. I saw this one too shortly after it was listed, and right away had a bid. I also placed a bid too, but it wasnt long after that that I got a bid cancellation notice and the lot was relisted. I also thought the Navy Cross might be a black widow. The nutcracker is really cool too.
  12. I tend to agree with The Mariner that the T-bar style pin had a long range of usage. For instance, the Dewey Medal was created in 1898 and it utilizes a T-bar style pin and open C clasp.
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