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  1. Can anyone identify the EGA on the right? The other two EGAs are a good reference, as they show that this unknown clutchback EGA is between the size of a collar and hat EGA. Any help is appreciated!
  2. I noticed the buttons appear to be German made. Does anyone recognize these maker marks?
  3. The ghosting on the right shoulder is for a shield like patch with a short peak in the center (probably 2nd ID or XVI Corps, or similar). I didn’t see any ghosting on the left shoulder or any near the rank stripes. Since there is no ghosting under the rank stripes, it seems the SFC who may have owned this was that rank when he got the uniform. I am curious about the “European Exchange System” tag. Apparently this designation came into existence after August 1952. I wonder if this uniform originally belonged to an officer with a shield type combat patch and the uniform t
  4. Yes, those details are what I am curious about. I don’t know what the uniform regulations were during the late 1950s/early 1960s. Did NCOs ever wear khaki dress jackets? If so, would they have been allowed to wear an officer’s jacket with their NCO rank, or would that have been strictly against regulations? As far as the other patches go, I’m trying to piece together a possible scenario if this uniform is legit. The WWII Naval Amphibious Forces patch is throwing me for a loop though. There are 6 overseas service bars (3 years) and 6 hash marks (18 years of service). I w
  5. The patch combination on this officer’s jacket seems pretty odd to me. Can anyone tell me what is legit and what may not be on this uniform? On the right shoulder is a WWII cut edge Navy Amphibious Forces patch, with the stitch outline of a 2nd Infantry Division patch underneath. The left shoulder has a 1950s cut edge Ranger Tab and a cut edge USMA patch. I find both the Navy Amphibious Forces patch and the SFC rank patches to be odd. Was it possible during the late 1950s for a SFC to wear a officer’s uniform? The pants are WWII issue and the jacket is dated 1959 in pe
  6. Can anyone identify this large wood crate or the white symbols painted on the front? I’m fairly sure this crate is from WWII, but I don’t know what it was used for. It appears to be missing something in the center, perhaps a bracket/mount or divider of sorts, as there are screw holes in the back in the same diamond shape as the outline of the center inside. Any help is appreciated!
  7. What state/area were these found in? Although it is a fairly common name, you may get lucky and find him on findagrave. You can do a general search of cemeteries in the state/area that you believe he may be from or where you purchased them. Then you can narrow down the search field a bit more by putting a typical wartime birth year (like 1918) and selecting one of the +/- ranges (like 10 years), which will exclude people born before or after the typical birth era of WWII veterans. You may get lucky and find a listing with a photo of the military style grave marker with
  8. I have a ribbon rack somewhere in my collection that is from around the same time period and has the same style brass plate backing. I also wondered about this plate and manner of mounting. The ribbon mounts snap into the holes drilled into the plate, and this required some skill and effort to make. I believe the mount could have been professionally done (maybe overseas) as compared to a one-off mount handmade by the veteran.
  9. I believe this is a Vietnam era Thai made boonie hat, but I’m not sure about the origin or age of the patches. Are they Vietnam era also, or modern fakes? Are the patches Thai made or US made? Would the placement and amount of patches on this hat be original to the time period or added much later? Any help is appreciated!
  10. I believe it is a WWI bedding roll. The designation of USR (US Reserve) is typically from WWI era (and possibly earlier). This listing from findagrave may be your guy.
  11. What characteristics of these belts makes you think that they are fake? I don’t know that much about field gear, so I’d like to educate myself in case I come across something like this in the future.
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