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  1. Your 30-40 Krag retails about 250 to 350 if it has a good barrel, Your 1903 is 200 to 450 depending on barrel condition. These are est. base on gun show pricing as I look at a lot of these guns. The Krags are not moving as well as the 1903's. You can both stocks and barrels for the 1903s fairly easy. I had one done a couple of years ago. If the Krags are still original they command a better price. Same with 1903's
  2. caseloadr

    RIP ED Buell

    An average guy who fought in Vietnam and returned home to Butler Indiana . Rest in peace finally and no more thousand yard stares as you talked about your war. No more pain or falling from the Parkinsons that took over your life . Rest in peace my friend.
  3. I've had the honor of meeting one those gentleman . He was known as the Candy Man in Waterloo In. He always had candy that he gave out to kids in town. He had the tattoo from the prison camp. His name now escapes me as he passed away some 20 years ago . Any one who came out of that hell was a hero.
  4. Thanks guys I learn a bit . I thought it was to lock it on to something just wasn't sure as to either a tripod or a vechicle mount. Thanks again
  5. My friend came across a 30 cal ammo can with 2 full belts of 30cal round with tracers every 5 rounds . The box it self has a locking lever on the one end. I know diddly squat about ammo cans in general. Is the lever for mounting on a tripod on a jeep or truck? I had a picture of it but lost it on my phone . I figure someone here knows . Thanks
  6. My great uncle was Clifton Ruppert was part of I co. 141st killed on Oct 28th 44 and buried in France. If you come across anything from that company I would love to hear about .
  7. Traveling to Kansas, Wichita area and KC area the first week of November Any one know of any shows going on? I know Wichita had a show about that time but haven't lived there for a few years to hear about stuff anymore.
  8. Sunday a friend of my son took his own life. This young man had 2 tours of Afghanistan with my son while members of 2nd BN 0f the 504. This was the 3-4 of his friends to have done this. I don't understand the reason for this but is a horrible trend. It affects friends and family no matter what the reason. I hope they have peace now. I pray that someday some place someone finds the answer and ends this terrible trend.
  9. I think your plane maybe a Lockheed Hudson type.
  10. That a model on my list to buy but haven't seen many as nice as yours.
  11. What types of construction equipment would have units with the AAF used to build airfields and other bases during WW2? I have seen some of the equipment at Dayton like the little Clark dozer and tractor. I haven't seen a topic on these or if there is direct me too it .
  12. Another of the Doolittle Raider with tie to Ft Wayne Indiana was Robert Clever from Ted Larsons #7 plane the Ruptured Duck. Clever was stationed at Baer Field Army Airbase in Nov. !942 when he was killed in an accident by Versailles Ohio.
  13. Any one know of a book or unit history of the Dixie Division 31st Infantry Division in World War 2 and beyond?
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