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  1. Hi, You will need two D cells and a 67 1/2 volt battery. Batteries Plus at one time ordered a 67 1/2 battery for me. Or you could make one out of 9 volt batteries. Email me at wd9ghk@comcas.net and I will send you an article on how to make a 67 1/2 battery.
  2. The sizes match up with my M 1816 musket. S & S Firearms sells a reproduction for $38.00 in there 2009 catalog.
  3. The tuning unit was used with the BC-610 radio set. www.radionerds.com should have information on it.
  4. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It looks as if it is a power supply for some kind of training set. I do not recognize it.
  5. Can you take a clear close up picture of the data plates on the front? What is under the cover on lower left.
  6. We wore them until 1963 when we got the baseball cap. Yes we did have to buy them, but they were a lot sharper than the field cap. We called them block caps. I see them at military shows sometimes.
  7. I picked this pack up last year at a hamfest (radio flemarket) of all places. It is made of nylon like the lightweight ruck, but looks like the tropical ruck. Only markings is the US. This is my first time to post a topic and pictures. Hope the turn out OK.
  8. The radio is called a OP-3 and was made in England by the Poles for BBC and London based Polish broadcast reception. It is mentioned in Wireless For The Warrior-Vol. 4 and Radio Bygones ,No. 25
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