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  1. has anybody considered the current political climate of anti gun sentiment may prohibit mattel from admitting involvement in a weapons project? toy guns are one thing but a real weapon!!!!,fyi i was told by an "expert" the only contractor for m-16,m-16a1's was colt,this was after i told him my issued weapon in basic was an H&R,and i had the only one in the whole company
  2. thats a grenade launcher use to shoot from cover
  3. batf rule states Fixed ammo guns need ffl,trapdoor is a fixed ammo weapon,go look it up
  4. it was my understanding that you needed a ffl for any weapon that shot ammo that is still in mfg,45-70 ammo made by remington is still made and safe to shoot in a trapdoor(and so noted on the box),also the black powder weapons that are exempt are all muzzleloaders and cap&ball revolvers
  5. thanks for that link,the little pic has some writing on it in pencil but its rubbed/ faded away,anybody know how to enhance it so you can read it?
  6. show for me was not good,went looking for books and a few patchs to fill some gaps in my collection and found nothing,no books no patchs nuttin.but as i was driving home my picker (ex girlfriend) called and told me she had picked up a little bit at an estate auction,did i want to drop by her office and look at it,sure why not,needless to say i was floored
  7. i know of 2 of those that came out of the northern ky,cinncy area,guy i re-enacted with had one,got it off of the vet that brought it back,vet used the other for duck hunting(really!)
  8. big al and freedom are correct,they went to 2 groove to speed up production,and as stated they shoot the same,i have a sporterized 03a3 with a 2 groove and i get 1/2 inch groups with my hand loads at 100 yds
  9. the plaque is a trophy from a shooting match the hunting association held,winners name and score are on the back.prices for items like these are all over the map,but i would guess that its worth at least 300 to 400
  10. last photo is showing tropper in a 1884 pattern uniform,also first photo (troopers in front of tent)shows them holding krag carbines(note the sling bar&ring
  11. the guys on the p-47 facebook page would love to see that
  12. i think that may be west german
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