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  1. Kevin, the first khaki uniforms were shipped to Marines already in Cuba. They had domed gilt buttons as your uniform shows, but they did not have standup collars. The initial uniforms had rolled collars like the Army sack coat. In early 1900 they switched to the standup collar and continued for decades after that. I will try to find my pictures later but it will be awhile before I can post. Note the equipment your Marines are wearing in your images, 1903 cartridge belts, carrying a M1911 side arm with 1912 cartridge belt and M1903 rifles (not starting issue until about 1910). Your pics all
  2. Military serial#: 34740152 Enlisted: February 9, 1943 in Ft Benning Georgia Military branch: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, Usa Rank: Private, Selectees (enlisted Men) Terms of enlistment: Enlistment For The Duration Of The War Or Other Emergency, Plus Six Months, Subject To The Discretion Of The President Or Otherwise According To Law.
  3. Jake- these styles were made up until the new style was developed in the 1939/40 time period. I believe it is modeled after the Army map case. See image attached.
  4. Note the threading is a different color on the front hooks. No doubt something was altered from original format. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33870-usmc-m-1936-suspenders/
  5. Would love to add one to the collection, but they did not hold up well in combat.
  6. Made at the Depot but not worn! Haven't bumped into too many of these over the years. Not a lot of data in them as it was wartime so they weren't putting out in the public what so much they were doing. Still kind of interesting item. Hope you find it interesting.
  7. Do you have serial number or name or unit tank was in?
  8. Wow, he would have been recruited for The Dirty Dozen.
  9. Thanks, but no updates since 2013 on it.
  10. Are there any books on US Air Force squadron insignias. I can't seem locate anything in seraches. Plenty on Army and Navy patches but falling short on the Air Force. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. 1912 pattern without chest pockets. Interesting as it does not show sign of pocket. Does it show signs of having anything removed? I have an officers shirt with upper pockets and no lower pockets.
  12. You must stay after the feature as Jackson walks you through how they detailed the entire movie. Everything from matching the correct color of uniforms to sound effects as well as the lip readers they used to then have actors match what was being said in the actual footage. He went the extra mile and then some.
  13. It would be the soldiers ID number. Like a rack number on a rifle.
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