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  1. I have to tell you that this is the greatest dye job I have seen as of yet. I have three of these and the "dye misers" would only dye the front and not the backs. Yours looks great. As regards the comments that they would have been better if never dyed, that was my early thoughts. Now, I realize that they are genuine, authentic and correct. And that is all one could ever want. m.c.lilley
  2. This is my cousin. I have never met him as I was born in '53. He is my father's first cousin and the boys grew up on different floors in the same house in Bellville, NJ. He was killed off of Mindoro Island while standing on deck on an LST. After the war, the family was visited by one of his GI buds who gave the details of his death. He was hit head-on by a Kamikaze and there was nothing to recover. My father has never forgotten him and it seems like we know him as well. God bless Junie and all of the other young people. m.c.lilley
  3. Did somone ask for a valuation? Since I pay top dollar for absolutely everything, I would pay no less than $1500 for the item. I would pay no more than $2750. 'nuff said. m.c.lilley
  4. It is so nice to a collection of loose items take form. In your case it is an assembly of the various components to a cavalry saddle and uniforms. Very nicely done. m.c.lilley
  5. My korean era helmets feel like sand. The wwII helmets feel like sawdust. m.c.lilley
  6. I bought a beat up and stitch-ripped brown McKeever pouch. I restitched it throught the old holes and then polished it brown. I like it. It was not representative before and now it is. Under that limited circumstance, I justified the repair and polish. If the condition is not so bad, I simply knock off the dirt and whatever and leave it alone. I have to think about it but I would not think that it would be so off-the-wall to put a new coat of shin-o-la on them. m.c.lilley
  7. Are you sure that it needs repairing? I have a pair that are a little finicky but they do work and are always a kick to dig out and get working again. If you only have one, get another and enjoy. m.c.lilley
  8. My H-D cost about $375 about 6 years ago, in nice shape. AGI has a video on how to take down. These guns have some tricky problems in disassembly. m.c.lilley
  9. Nice but if you want to shoot one, try Wolf's book and feed it .45-59gn-405gn loads. m.c.lilley
  10. I have been advised to stay away from Pecards because it is my understanding that it is petroleum-based. Ultimately, it will eat at the leather. This is not worth any short term cosmetic advantage. m.c.lilley
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