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    ww2 us insignias and ribbons , ww2 German army and luftwaffe uniforms , insignias ,award documents and death cards , current theater made us army patches , and Vietnam 173rd abn
  1. cool if you have time can you take a pic of the top iam interested to see how similar your is to a us made/ designed grenade thanx bh
  2. wow , amazing group , this guys home town of kalamazoo mi is just 20 miles from me
  3. ide buy it depending on the price , looks good to me , had nice brit style overseas bar , nice theater made bullion blue backed wings and ribbon bar , all looks good to me , jmo
  4. Dad kept them and gave them and all his other stuff to me . Grandpa passed before I was born
  5. hello forum , since iam always posting comments in this sections i took some time today to dig out some of my granpa Hoffmans , bring backs from Okinawa , here is a link on this forum to some of his other stuff , and a few items i didn't dig out , http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/216714-robert-b-hoffman-88th-field-hospital-okinawa-ww2-my-grandpa/ my granpa was a mp with the 88th field hospital and landed on Okinawa with the 2nd day invasion his unit was turned into a pow hospital after the Japanese surrender he also guarded german prisons at
  6. i had always thought maybe the bottom 3 were unit awards or divisions awards that is why i thought it had the ww1 one , not the ww2 version , but your idea of the mistake is more then likely , as i have seen several others in a thread on here that have had way way bad mistakes
  7. I have had this ribbon rack for a lot of years , its one of my favorite us pieces , I was wondering if anyone can identify the bottom 3 ribbons, I think the one the left is the French Croix de guerre the other 2 iam stumped on thanx for checking it out
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