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  1. Nice... need to get one of those for the collection.
  2. Why take it off the list? It’s an excellent book, when you find one at a good price buy it. I’m not saying to spend $300 on it or whatever they are bringing. I guess I better start putting my books in the safe..
  3. I was thinking about it but didn’t bid. I have to pay 10% tax now on top so everything costs more now.
  4. Man, I am missing Gary... I saw my copy of his last book the other day and thought about him and the loss to his family and the community. Mine is 25 of 25 from the limited signed run. I told him if I could not have the first I wanted the last.
  5. Nice, but not that nice... A 16 WT bayo just went on eBay for $511 this am. Few months ago they were $2k. Wish I would have sold them all and re-bought. Maybe I should sell my Boker now? Ugh...
  6. Well it is best offer SkipH
  7. Fortunately a lot of Garys work is captured in his books (now apparently expensive collectibles themselves) and his bayonet points articles over on Franks site. He is missed and I too wonder if anyone can or will fill his shoes
  8. Sold for $787.77 Who knows what it really is/was. Without any documentation I would not have dropped much coin as a curiosity perhaps.
  9. The 3 in the date and in M3 look different to me in shape. Close, but not exact and I would expect them to be exact. This is looking on my phone and not in hand.
  10. I generally agree to not mess with a item, but specifically bought this with the intention of repairing it. Maybe this will be the first and last time. Got it cheap enough that I wont get hurt much. Ill try the Luger guy. Thanks
  11. Yeah, thats the one. Been after a Barwood for a long time and this one was nice otherwise. I rolled the dice on being able to fix it. If I cant find anybody Ill look for a donor piece of leather and give it a try.
  12. Hello, anyone know of someone who is good at M6 scabbard repair? I bought a nice Barwood that is missing an inch of leather on the side of the belt slit. Seems like someone with skill and a stock of old leather bits could graft a piece in and make it presentable. Thanks in advance!
  13. FWIW I bid after seeing it here. Been trying to not buy as much so not purposely scouring eBay LOL I always value your opinion SKIPH, if something ever fools you on am M3 Id have been totally lost on it.
  14. I figured that it would go higher too, but have been surprised and seen things go cheap so Ill usually throw in a bid. I didnt have to have it so I put in what Id be happy with and left it at that.
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