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  1. Thanks for the kind comments. It was a “buy it now” at a high price and I guess eBay let the seller know I “watched” it and he sent me a lower offer which I counter offered and we settled. I was hoping it was guard marked, but the guard is brass which I didn’t see in the pictures so this is just as likely an M4 blade. Don’t really care, it is what it is. Very well post WWII as well.
  2. Picked this up on eBay. Don’t usually go for “Theater” knives but thought this one was really well done...
  3. Found these Spit pieces many years ago at a gun show. One loose set and another in a box. Never knew there was a gaff set to go with it. Saw one in the sales forum and bought it. Thanks member Old Marine! Posting some pictures for you to encandeça comment. Thanks
  4. Had this forever, assume it’s a cigarette case from Pearl Harbor pre 1959 (statehood as it says T.H.) anyone know more about it? Thanks
  5. Don’t think the handle has been worked on, I count 7 grooves and it’s a little funny towards the pommel. Thoughts?
  6. Hi all, picked up a new to me Utica M3 dual marked. Sharing pictures, know it needs an M8 without the belt hanger.
  7. That’s what I was thinking, but not with my pockets. You’d wind up at sales $$ Skiph mentioned and have a top condition set. Not easy to find in that condition. I find myself very fortunate to have my set with issues.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/402408046723 looks like someone got a repo....
  9. Send it to Columbus Machine, they can straighten it good as new or put a new piston on it if needed. CMP also offers an exchange service on rebuilt op rods if you don’t want to wait. or, contact CMP back about the issue. Hard to believe they sent it back not right. Usually they go through come backs pretty well. What are you using for ammo?
  10. Nice... need to get one of those for the collection.
  11. Why take it off the list? It’s an excellent book, when you find one at a good price buy it. I’m not saying to spend $300 on it or whatever they are bringing. I guess I better start putting my books in the safe..
  12. I was thinking about it but didn’t bid. I have to pay 10% tax now on top so everything costs more now.
  13. Man, I am missing Gary... I saw my copy of his last book the other day and thought about him and the loss to his family and the community. Mine is 25 of 25 from the limited signed run. I told him if I could not have the first I wanted the last.
  14. Nice, but not that nice... A 16 WT bayo just went on eBay for $511 this am. Few months ago they were $2k. Wish I would have sold them all and re-bought. Maybe I should sell my Boker now? Ugh...
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