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  1. HI Guys! Its two years since the last post but Imma gunna try anyway! Does anyone want to sell one of the USN marked map case? I'm in need of one for an event. Please send an email to my account of you are interested or know of someone who wants to sell. Thanks! Paul
  2. The kit is already been pulled apart and put into parts box so I'm to late for photos. I took what I could from the kit and will use parts for debris for other dio in the future. The good news is that the Sherman M1A1 76mm is looking good. I think Ill replace the jagd with a hetzer with just engine compartment. I was surprised at how the model hit ground and exploded. The kit was heavy from all the resin and PE sets involved. I think that was the main reason for the grenade effect of said model. Bummer. All that time and money gone in two seconds. Im still in a funky mood but already planning out a replacement scenario. If anyone has a lead for replacemnt interior let me know. I would like to take another try at it. Paul
  3. Oh yeah I hear ya! This time it cracked the gun and broke most of the ready racks which were very hard to put together. The resin chip a lot so no hope of putting back together. So this time out the parts box got filled. The interior has been discontinued for a while now so I have to see if anyone will come up with a better design. Keep on trucking I guess. Or is it tanking? P
  4. HI all! Well just about an hour ago, it happened again. I was building a Jagdtiger for a new dio. It was knocked out on side of the road with Shermans passing by looking at the kill. Full Interior for the tiger and full engine. I used the Verlinden Interior. Near impossible kit. The hardest I ever had to face. It took two months of labor intensive work to make it work and BARELY got it. I was just about to glue the top hull and bottom hull when it rocketed from my hands and splattered itself all over the wall and floor. No salvation. Just destroyed. It was shocking to say the least. Now my point. I already have a back up Jagd so I can rebuild. But I aint going to try the interior again. Once was enough. What do you do when a project goes south? I have a habit to buy it again and try again but I feel just rotten when this happens. Almost nothing gets me a cheesed off as ruining a model project. Do you stop and drop kick a trash can across the yard? Do you hide in the bathroom till a loved finally gets you out after a few hours? Do you go buy it again? Think about selling your collection? Start building chicken coups? Get in the car and try to jump the local kmart? For me I will admit this is a rather a big mess up. The interior was cursed from the begining but I was about to hit the home stretch and BOOM there goes the project. So curious, how do you handle whoopies? Butter fingers Paul
  5. HI! The oil slick was actually acrylic paint (model master). When pouring the acrylic water I added the rust colored paint here and there. Once the water started to settle I added more paint and pushed it around with a brush till I got the effect I wanted. I did this step a few times or layers. Maybe 4 or 5. Each time adding different shades of colors. Hmmm.. The hours spent. I guess about 400? Months and months on and off. It took along time but I am happy with the result. Already planning out another dio! Thanks everyone again for the encouraging words! Caio Paul
  6. YIpes!!!!!!!!!! I just saw this post!!! Holy smokes batman what goes around comes around. Gak................. Comparitive notes to say the least!
  7. Erwin........ I think it was about a 6 month project. Maybe about 400 or so hours put into the dio. The cost was steep. I am trying to figure out how to put these dio's in a gallery. Here's a question for the forum....... "Are models and dioramas considered art"? Fine art? Historical pieces? I think about this often. What is your opinion?? Ciao Paul
  8. Hi Ho! Sorry i did not leave an earlier post but here we go..... The models. The sub is the Broncos huge 1/35 sub. It is an easy build but I had to cut the massive kit in two. It took a while to figure out where to make the water line. Subs have different depths to surface. If thats the way to say it. I did not have a great cutting tool to make said cut. Dremel with an old blade that melted the plastic more so than cut the plastic. So, when I laid it down on the diorama base, the bottom of sub was really unlevel and uneven. I sanded, cursed and got it looing ok but not great. I used MEGA epoxy to glue it down and sort of spot welded it every few inches from front to back. Whew... Not fun but I had to correct my poor cutting skills. The barge is Velindens. Easy build and not much to say about it. Nice though. Added some action to the dio and filled out the water section a little. The tug boat was very easy to build but painting was a little tricky. Beautiful kit. First time I "Rigged" a sailing vessel. The row boat was a last minute thought. Verlinden as well. The dock is Italeri. I bought the sub and then saw the dock and said ok now were talking a big dio. Weathering it was hard work. I made it darker than most others I saw on the net. I did so to make the dock look used up and neglected. I changed the set up quite a few times on this one when it came to the vehicles on the dock. First model I built was the WC63 from skybow. Killer kit. Just a great model. I picked it because it didnt pan out to well with the troops and was used for rear action duties. Good for finding subs in the late war..... Next on deck was that &^%(&^(&^ kit from ICM. The Opel kapitan staff car. Wow was that a little horror. Upside down directions and terrible fit problems. I got it done but it was one of the most difficult kits I ever put together. It was going to be put in dio or drop kicked out window. Cooler heads prevailed and it was completed. Neeeeeext............ The German caro truck was hard kit to put together but fun. Not much to report on that one. I wanted to accent the flak barge so I thought putting a flat bed train on the rails on the dock would be good. After many kits were plopped on the top on the train bed, the sd.kfz 251 drilling looked good. I used a PE set for the cargo doors on the 251. Other than that right out of the box. It looked a little lonely after the build so I added lots of gear on the back of the vehicle and bed. The mines are little gems I tell you! Just came out from AFV and will add so much to any dio you may come up with. Easy build and you get four of them per box. Just a happy little kit( I tell you.......). The crane once again verlindens. Can you tell I like Verlindens stuff?????? The cargo boxes are good old tank work shops. At this point I looked at dio and it needed one more vehicle but it was hard to figure out which to put in. Long story short the M8 armored car won out. Great kit. Fast and easy build. The figures are mostly..........................Can anyone guess??? VERLINDENS!!!!!!!!!!! I think some Alpine figures as well. Warriors too. The problem is that each company has a different idea of what 1/35 should be. Verlindens are huge compared to the other but I spread them out so the varying sizes would blend into the dio. Painting was the norm. Base coat, many different washes in oil, then tons of dry brushing. I think thats it. Next adventure is the south seas! Many ships to build. Tanks too! Thanks for all the really nice comments! Ciao for now Paul
  9. Late or post war by a few months. Somewhere in there. Paul
  10. HI! Erwin I did glue the uboat to my arm. I lifted my right arm and voila there was a flippin sub stuck to it. It fell off quick and yes it hurt, but did not damage the sub. Ill write out why this dio almost killed me at a later date. End result is good but wow this is a one off. Ciao! Paul
  11. Thanks guys! I am trying to break the mold a little on the dios. Just what have I not seen 1000 times before. Its hard work. A 100 times ruined before it ends up finished and lookng ok. It I dont push the envelope what is the point. Thanks for all the words that all of you have given me, it pushes me further into the unknown. I hope the results are pleasing and new. Paul
  12. Just read one of the comments. The sub is Bronco's 1/35 Type XXIII coastal submarine. Massive scale for a sub. I hope they make US stuff but in 1/35 the models may be 85 feet long...... Ciao Paul
  13. Whoops three more forgot to put up....
  14. Well that the new dio. So much to go ovver how it was done maybe later tonight I'll start typing. This one was a killer. It fought me all the way. Cutting the u-boat in two, that litlle car. Very hard to build kits and design wise took a long time to plan it out. Details later guys! Ill be back........ Paul
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