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  1. Hi Guys, My website has a new update with a couple of nice M1 sets. Questions? just send a PM http://www.alliedordnance.nl/
  2. Thanks, I'm collecting WWII for 7 years now.
  3. some new additions: Id'ed to Kelly B Livingston Frequency Meter, Test Unit and BC-611 spare box Signal corps box with parts for the BC-611
  4. Hi, I have the shoes. I bought them as USN WW2 shoes for amphibious operations. But I can't find anything about these type of shoes. They are dated May 1943 Please let me know if you know something about this type of shoe. Thanks!
  5. M1938 tanker set Aerial blade marked M3 Kinfolks blade Marked M3 M1 FB with Inland liner with unpainted steel A-Washers... Shell is stencilled "601"
  6. Thanks guy's ! Bought me a new M3 set yesterday M3 Boker with a M6 Milsco scabbard.
  7. For the helmets I use the Ikea Detolfs :-) The knife display is made from a wine box with parachute camo and some nails.
  8. Some new additions: M1 FB Inland liner USMC swivel bail 2nd pattern cover Dogtag set. M1 FB named USN
  9. Hi, My website www.alliedordnance.nl is a small WWII webshop. Have to add some more items but its a start. Grtz Rob
  10. Okay... I guess you collect helmets... lol WOW what a great collection, I also coolect M1 helmets of WWII but wish I had a couple of these examples in my collection.... Top collection!! :thumbsup:
  11. I started collecting WW2 in 2006 and met this guy that owns a store in Bastogne. He came to buy some pistol belts that I had for sale. And he just came back from a meeting with easy green veterans. He had some " original" helmet shells with paintings in his van. And because he like to help a new collector he invited me to come by at his place. He had several helmet shells for sale that he said, came from veterans. He had to sell these so the money can go into a foundation for WW2 veterans. He had one shell that he received of one of easy greens veterans, a captain painted M1C with the heart m
  12. Now 5 M3 sets in my collection. top to bottom: - M3 Camillus blade marked & M8 Scabbard - M3 Imperial 1943 blade marked & M6 Barwood scabbard - M3 Case blade marked & M8 Scabbard - M3 Robeson Cutlery Company blade marked & M6 Milsco scabbard - M3 PAL blade marked & M8 scabbard. Robeson:
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