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  1. These pages are from The World's Work Magazine ca.1904 and show the then new method of stop action photography. A thin metal electrified screen was placed above the muzzle and as the gun was fired, the screen was broken and the current surge snapped the picture. It was one shot at a time and the screen was placed at different positions in order to obtain a picture at different moments of firing.
  2. This was in with a group of several hundred old Kodachrome slides that I got at the flea market. I believe this is in California as most were of a family vacation to Disneyland and other stuff in CA.I was wondering what this aircraft is.
  3. 79th Division soldier portrait found at the flea mkt this week
  4. Couple of stationary items I found at the flea mkt today.Early 1960's US Army Aviation and earlier USN.
  5. A few pictures from a bunch I picked up today from a soldier/airman in the CBI theater.I believe these to be shortly after the war ended, but don't know for sure.
  6. I have found a few letters etc of men who were killed later and I think ,"you will be making the supreme sacrifice." It's chilling some times. That is a great find !
  7. Found out this is Fred C Graveline. DSC received in July 1918
  8. My daughters father-in-law gave me this picture yesterday. He had it packed in with some of his dad's old 1920's Indianapolis race car pics and knew nothing about it. I read some entries on the forum as to Raymond Alexander and I'm wondering if this might be him ie: Observer Wing on coat, enlisted collar devices, not sure of the ribbon though. Had sent a PM to Baker502 as to his opinion but haven't heard anything yet; then came across this posting. Close-up follows on next entry
  9. I found his picture at the flea market today. Can barely make out El Paso, Texas at the bottom so I'm figuring Fort Bliss. Any other print is faded out.
  10. A picker friend gave me this copy of a photo which was identified as Lt R.E. Spjeldet USMCR and his Corsair "Hard Hearted Hanna". His scratchy,elderly handwriting states it was taken at Ulithi Atoll/Mog Mog Island.
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