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  1. I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules with this inquiry, and that it is in the right section About 10 years ago I purchased, on consignment from (I believe) a dealer in the Midwest (Kansas City?) about 30-40 WWII unit histories (various Divisional, Regimental, and Battalion studies) that were part of a large collection they were selling on consignment. All hat I bought were ETO focused (covering infantry, armored, cavalry and artillery) and were added to my existing collection. For the life of me I can't remember who the dealer was. If anyone might recall please let me know. Rega
  2. What makes this grouping additionally interesting is what he was awarded the Bronze Star for. After retreating from Mortain, the Germans were eventually completely encircled in the Falaise Gap by August 17, and the 90th Division Artillery (along with tanks and other divisional/independent artillery battalions) literally annihilated those caught there over the next 4 days. During that time Lt. Smith was likely directing part of the fire that rained down on them. Great grouping!
  3. Thanks guys! I may sell the groups here. My honest experience has been that I get a fairly significant amount more $$ on ebay than I would realize here. But I do love this forum!
  4. Guys (sorry if this is in the wrong forum) Can I sell a KIA Purple Heart Accolade document as part of a group on ebay? I know you can't sell hearts. . . and last thing. . . can PH and Silver Star RIBBONS (as part of a ribbon bar) be sold on uniforms on ebay?? Thank you!!
  5. Guys- This one is on a 104th Divsion Ike I have. Appears to be a two piece, and is not marked sterling. It is not like any I've ever seen. Any opinions (theater made, etc.) on this would be appreciated.
  6. This collection is great. Thanks for sharing! In this photo Charles Sumners of the 166th identified theindividuals as follows: (ID's are from "Darkness Visible: Memoirs of a WWII Combat Photographer"): Seated: John Marshall, Kenny Parker, Orville Hallberg, Bud Musae, Fred Mandell, Carlton White, Dick Simon, Billy Newhouse, (Looks like he got Mr. Cummings ID wromg) Center bending: Lt. Gene Moore Standing 1st row: Sammy Senninburg, Harry Downard, Paul Fox, Lou Connell, Red Bryson, Russ Meyer, Lou Dorman, Jim Ryan, unidentified Back Row: Ralph Butterfield, Gene Abrams, Fred O
  7. Silver Star on Top. Bronze Star with OLC on bottom, followed by PH and EAME with (what looks like) 2 campaign stars. Nice ribbon rack! Do you know what unit he served in? If I was to guess I'd say in-theater, early post war (May-July 1945).
  8. I recently picked up the copy of this pictured below; I also have a version with a couple of pages missing that belonged to a 29th Div. vet. It is a very richly detailed, company by company, 19 page mimeographed account of the activities on June 6, 1944 of the 116th Infantry of the 29th Division. It appears to have been produced either later in the war or very soon after; there is conjecture that it was printed and given to troops of the 116th on their return back to the US. I have scoured the bibliographies of books published about DDay dealing either with Omaha Beach itself or the
  9. Yes, however, you have In N Out Burger. I make a bee line for the one in Westchester every time I land at LAX!
  10. Yes-- that is not seen very often, and as a matter of fact, is not in most published bibliographies! They fought with the 28th, 69th and 106th Divisions. Nice pick-up. Looks softcover-- how many pages?
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