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  1. Very nice. Good thing they got rid of the epaulets. They snagged on everything.
  2. Looks like multicam or am I mistaken. If I am wrong please explain the difference.
  3. Very cool jumper. Really like the Amphib Force patch, The originals are great bu the remakes suck,
  4. Very nice jumper. I like the Amphibious Forces patch. Tough to find originals. The copies I have seen are not up to the quality of the originals.
  5. Great find. I'm sure it is very rare.
  6. Very Cool. I had two tiger stripe Boonies with the short Brims made in RVN. I wore one and kept the other as a spare. I gave one to my oldest son when he was about 8 years old and he lost it. I still have the other one. I had like ten ERDL Camo berets that I gave away. One went to my youngest son. He lost his. My oldest son became a SEAL BUD/S Class 174 SEAL TEAM FIVE. I was prouder of him graduating then of my own BUD/S Graduation with Class 57.
  7. Nice stuff. I'll bet that is the same Doctor that took care of me when I couldn't clear during the decompression chamber test for BUD/S. He gave me something that cleared my sinuses so quick I went right back in and did the whole test painlessly. It smelled horrible but it got me to BUD/S.
  8. There were Marines in UDT during WW2. Marines and UDT also worked together in Korea. As a trainee in 1970 we had a few USMC blouses that trainees wore. The EGAs were very faded. We also had some USMC covers wth EGA.
  9. I wouldn't wear it with any insignia or tapes on it. You can get new ones cheap enough and save the one you have for your collection.
  10. SeaBees, UDT, SEALs, Boat Support Units, Cargo Handlers and a few other USN units wore that utility cap until the Woodland Camo became the issue uniform in 1981. So from the 60's until 1981 that was the uniform cover of several Navy units.
  11. I have my dad's Aviation Green CPO jacket. He was an Chief Aviation Electrician. I also have his over seas "piss cutter" in aviation green. His CPO Crow hash marks are still on the jacket. I am still looking for the ribbons. He was a WW2 vet.
  12. I had the real deal as a teenager and young adult. It looked different than this one,
  13. What is the deal with berets anyway? European and European trained militarys wear them. We are not a Europena trained armed forces. Why did the US ever get them? I know the Special Forces had the Green Beret first and then the Rangers had black berets (until recently). The Air Force and the Army went beret crazy. The only services not to authorize berets were the Navy, USMC and Coast Guard. I know that US Naval advisors in Vietnam wore black berets but they were never authorized. Personally I think they are stupid looking.
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