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    Medal Groups with all of the paper, Uniforms and artifacts from the careers of men who served as Theater Commanders in Battle, Chiefs of Staff, Commandants, Recipients of 3 or more Service Crosses, and Historic Americans Who served in the military.

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  1. Will Just saw this. Fantastic job laying out well thought out collection. EG
  2. In the world of US groups that have sold for over $25,000 who can recall how much and which groups? 1. Clarence Huebner $62,500 2. Richard Byrd $45,000 3. John McCain $30,000 Any other American Groups?
  3. There are many factors but it it is found with the traceable medal each document adds about $800 each. It is a personal preference as to which is better. I like the black eagle doc personally but most people like the Pershing doc. for docs without the traceable medal is about $400 each
  4. Where are the Lincoln items it would be interesting to see.
  5. Looking for: Philippine Campaign #580 Spanish Campaign #368
  6. Thank you to everyone for input on this. Any other thoughts? EG
  7. Is McCampbells medal with Ken Rendell in Boston Area?
  8. Can anyone elaborate on award documents that have 2 holes punched at the top. Those would not have been originally given to the recipient they would have been put in their file correct? How would they have gotten them or the document been included with a medal group?
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