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    I am a retired USMC Helo pilot. I collect USMC, Naval Aviation, and Imperial German. If you have anything that falls into those categories for sale please let me know. I am particularly looking for items from HMM-263(Helicopter Marine Medium Squadron 263) Patches, uniforms, you name it.
    Semper Fi

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  1. This was used by a reenactor back in the 1960s and 70s. The hat is a repro. I am wondering if the insignia is real or not. He collected original Civil War items so I thought there might be a chance. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Here is a Model 1881 Shako I recently acquired out of an old collection. It has Indian Scout side buttons and front plate. The plume is orange, which I believe at the time was for Signal Corps? Maybe this one was put together at some point? It is all original. Overall the condition is excellent. I am going to sell it and I woiuld like to find out what a fair value is. I have seen them priced all over the place. Thanks.
  3. These look like WW1 or WW2 vintage. If you know what they are please let me know, Thanks!!!! Both are canvas and leather. The top cover measures 40" long. The bottom cover measures 44" long.
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