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  1. A new pattern Navy good conduct medal in his box dated 1961.
  2. Or maybe the netherlands order of Oranje-Nassau ? But the tailor made a mistake when building the ribbon bar , picture OMSA database : http://www.omsa.org/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=542&size=big&cat=
  3. And this kind of case for the Selective Service Medal is very rare too ! Is it yours ?
  4. Yes, a french war cross (croix de guerre) but the centers were removed. Could be WWI or WWII.
  5. With the LIGI marking, certainly late 70's or after. His Lordship Products (HLP) changed his name around 1974 for Lordship Industries (LI).
  6. You can sometimes see this kind of clasp on french awards, but that's not common.
  7. Verdun medal is unofficial (like St Mihiel, Château-Thierry and other campaign medals) and not recognised by the french government but there was a tolerance of wear for them. If I'm not wrong, some of these medals were made in the USA.
  8. Already posted on the forum, a PH number 481.271 with enameled heart (Robbin's Company) repacked and reribboned by WIlliams and Anderson for a 1969 contract, but still in the WWII box.
  9. There was just one picture, a Purple heart with a ribbon bar in a purple cardboard box, price was 39,99$ if I remember correctly. Mounted on a crimp brooch.
  10. Just found this on Ebay : http://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-US-military-army-purple-heart-badge-medal-D229-/331039136856?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4d13785c58 Do they really produce US medals in China ?
  11. Hello John, That's a very nice group, personnaly I really like these service groups (but you already know that...)
  12. The French Croix de guerre is interesting. This pattern with the 1939-1940 dates on the reverse is the Vichy's government type !
  13. I have a boxed numbered PH with the same brooch with the Williams & Anderson mark in a coffin case, the cardboard outer box is dated 1969. Certainly a reissue.
  14. Hello, Isn'it a gold filled mark or something like that ? Like this one on a NY NG commandation medal ?
  15. A Lordship Industries issue in his blue box, 1974 contract.
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