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  1. I concur, looks like it blew out the percussion cartridge hole and swung the breech hinge mechanism away.
  2. Hey Carey, What you have there is the outer casing of a german butterfly bomb, is the inner mechanism there? or empty?
  3. Your rite! If you just move the second line of text down below the center seam it will be near perfect.
  4. Awesome job, Steve! I am watching this thread with great anticipation.......
  5. Some of the LRRP's were issued silenced sten guns as well as swedish K guns. Perhaps?
  6. I just found this post so I apologize for the late posting. My uncle was aboard that boat. KIA as well.
  7. Removing the "peen" on the pommel to remove it is very difficult, and still be able to have enough metal remaining to restake it back together and make it look proper. The only other solution I can think of would be to split the washers install them, and then glue them together before you contoured the proper shape. You may be able to hide the glue marks that way.
  8. Bead blasted with 80 grit glass beads, degreased, boiled in hot water then dipped in 180 degree park tank for about 10 minutes or until the fizzing stops, then cold water rinse and oil well. serve with a side of coleslaw......lol Parkerizing is way easier than I ever thought i would be. Hardest part is finding the stainless steel tanks for the parkerizing chemicals.
  9. Nice stuff Carey, I still need one of those m26 grenades for my collection! Scott
  10. It was my pleasure Ben. Thats what we are here for.
  11. If the bore is indeed a full 1 inch then that would make this a brake for a 20mm canon. I believe it is for the canon on an A4 skyhawk.
  12. Ill be there with Carey, Love the idea of a group photo! See everyone at the show!
  13. Gentlemen, Thanks so much for the kind responses. If any one has any pics of these in the field I would love to see them. Ken. Unfortunately I can give no advice other than the obvious, clean optics, working order. and a new AA battery pack (the original batteries are non existant. Steve, I would love to hear more of your experiences with the starlight scope, please, such as how well did they work and under what combat conditions. Thank you. Scott
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