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    Basic US field gear, uniforms, DUIs,Patches, Headgear and Footwear WWI -RVN.
    RVN Veteran, USARV in 1972. Wish I had spent my combat pay on pacthes and tiger stripes.

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  1. Thanks, could of, should have picked up more when in country but focus was on getting out of there. Went through the Easter offensive , did not look good. Will leave it as don't want to get political.......
  2. Picked this up kinda by accident, went into pawn shop full of assorted antiques, this was on top of a pile of stuff.
  3. Saturday Oct 3 , 2020, Military Museum of North Florida, Green Cove Springs, 9AM-3PM. Museum is just off Route 17 convenient to Jacksonville, Gainesville, and St Augustine . Various 4 wheel drive vehicles on display, military vehicles for sale and display and militaria for sale. Various length K runs also. Everything will be outdoors , come out and enjoy.
  4. Interesting story, our unit had several dogs on Long Binh in 72. believe dogs knew they were “ safe” on bases and would not end up as dinner. Our wrecker had a dog that went everywhere the wrecker went, ole Bosco......
  5. Percussion, not a flint conversion, looks ok. Will look in Bannerman’s catalog, likely an import around turn of century. Can you measure the bore?
  6. Al, looking good, lots of hard work. Going to be late spring ??? before can get up that way.
  7. IMHO, with over 40 years of welding experience, blade has been welded. Voids/ loss of material is clearly seen. Discoloration from heat also seen. An experienced TIG welder might weld a blade with no voids/ material loss. Discoloration from heat is hard hide unless it was blued or parkerized. Still a nice piece .
  8. Nothing changed with the un named group, same as it was 30 years ? ago. Remember the 2 girls that did “ The Andrews Sisters” show? Found them for our events in Va. Beach at Ft. Story. Flea market was real reason to go when going to the field got old, or got to old to go to the field. How many went to Ft Dix Battle of the Bulge events?
  9. From Chicken Licken, went for years. Great flea market and event. Heard somebody blew thumb off with mortar and F.I.G. said no more. Anyone know really what happened?
  10. Ron, come on down, we can go shooting as no snow, clear skies and in 60’s, lol.
  11. They are M-1 ball, nice find and in good shape.
  12. Looing good, may consider throwing a tarp over it for the winter.Happy New Year.
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