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  1. I have a helper now thank you!
  2. I would post them all here......but I have very little success with pictures on this forum. Maybe it's just my outdated hardware. Cropping and emailing is a snap from my phone. Posting here not so much.
  3. I have at least a dozen US grenades I would like to identify and tag for model, vintage correctness, manufacture and value. Hoping someone would work with me via email to go thru them. Happy to pay a few bucks for help. Thanks, Curtis Curtis@olmstedarmory.com
  4. She is a beauty I love those steel mill marked pieces. They are near and dear to me.
  5. I agree with these guys.....but what is the scope on it????
  6. I bought a beauty a few years ago. 2nd model. I got her home and realized the blade is cracked from the base right up past the etching and ends right at the top of the etching.
  7. I will get those tomorrow! My friend has a couple 7mm RBs I can check on. When you say export you mean for maybe the Argentine RB? Thanks!!!
  8. Guys I never intended to treat the leather. Thanks for the comments on the lid, I will send them back to the family and let them know it should carry about a $400 insurance value. Very much appreciate the wisdom on this board!
  9. I just carefully moved the liner to the side. It is either KP or KD in yellow paint that matches what is on the helmet. I do not believe this would of been there grandfathers but their great grandfathers. But there is a 2nd helmet as well with no markings so maybe grandpa was just a collector.
  10. I bought a fist full of US socket bayonets at a large estate auction of firearms. I will try to get some pictures up. But one I assumed was a Trap Door Springfield bayonet has a much smaller then standard socket. It probably would drop right on a .30 cal trapdoor. If one existed. Everything is identical to my 45/70 socket bayonets. Size, shape, tip etc. it is 100% unmarked but shows a little wear. Anyone know of a smaller caliber trapdoor or similar foreign socket bayonet? This auction had boat loads of very rare 1700-1903 weapons so it would not shock me if it also was obscure or rare. Th
  11. The leather is soft and dry showing cracks. I used a big bore 44 cleaning pad on the bayonets. It's made for cleaning corrosion off guns. It's fairly gentle on bluing but if you get too ambitious it will leave scratches.
  12. I think it has initials in it. I will see if they match up with one of their family members.
  13. It's is clean now. Had 40 years of mouse poo and dust on it. The bayonets were starting to rust. I told the family the plain WW1 pot that was good condition was prob worth $100 if the house burned or was robbed. Any thoughts on this one? I was thinking $350?
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