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  1. Super-duper photo! As said above,"never say never!" Thanks a ton for posting!! Greg
  2. Very well said Mike! Beautiful set of wings my friend! Of all the AAS wings in my little collection, the Dallas style are my favs! Congrats!! Greg
  3. Holy COW! I'm in absolute lust with that beauty! Thanks for sharing! Greg
  4. What a great set of wings, I just luv 'em! Congratulations on a terrific find! Greg
  5. I'm a newby AAS collector, but looks good to me. Hope OK to post mine to compare. Thanks! Greg
  6. Holy smokes!! As a newby collector of AAS wings, that is just a stunning piece, truly stunning! You made my day! Congratulations! Greg
  7. A beauty by my fav maker! Congrats! Greg
  8. What I'd really like to add is a BMA, without having to sell the house, grand-kids & bride. :0
  9. Jeez guys, thanks so much. This little collection is a by-product on my collecting addiction.....oh well. I'll bet my dad when he received his wings in early 1944 would have liked to have Dallas style wings. Really appreciate it, at ton! Greg
  10. Thanks for all the kind words guys! Just love the AAS wings Greg
  11. Bottom half. Thanks! Greg
  12. Hi guys! A little over a year ago I jumped into my fav wing collecting, AAS wings, so I thought I show my little/humble collection as a group. Sorry for the lousy photos, if you'd like to see one or more, please let me know. Always looking for more! I want to thank all the members who have given me such great assistance & guidance! Thanks all & Terry!!!! Thanks! Greg
  13. Very impressive collection! The "bug" has bite you! Well done!
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