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  1. Nice collection area Morrosch! Quick question, where is that sitting mannequin from?
  2. Looks 100% original to me. I've never seen that maker mark/quality within the reenacting realm.
  3. Yeah I guess it makes sense why all the furniture in classic haunted houses are draped in white sheets. Though if you do the same with your mannequins someone may mistake them for ghosts!
  4. Nice to have a complete uniform in great condition like that! Will display very well. That wool shirt though is of WWII era, most likely the son's? That WWI mounted canteen cover is somewhat of a rarity, especially with an intact leather strap. Is a canteen cup included as well? And not sure if you know but that American Legion disk was to be placed next to the veteran's grave.
  5. That has got to be one the best WWI 1st DIV groupings ever! And that hate belt is incredible!
  6. Great set up so far with quality items! What's the background on the ID'd WWI 1st DIV uniform?
  7. Seeing as your great-uncle was an enthusiastic photographer I'm guessing that little leather case is for his personal camera. Fantastically displayed collection!
  8. Really love that Boy Bugler photo of him in 1938 with (presumably) his son who himself looks like was serving in the army at the time. It's a bit of a mind warp when you think of soon-to-be WWII vets growing up in the 1930s hearing tales of the Civil War straight from the men who fought it. I remember reading one memoir from a WWII vet who recounted just that but was dismayed when most the local still-living Civil War vets were merely drummer and bugle boys! -Cody
  9. IMO SM Wholesale has the next best quality next to ATF for $100 less.
  10. For 29th ID in Normandy you would want "cap toe" service shoes. You cannot go wrong with ATF, which is the best overall quality out there, but I know $300 is a bit hefty. As an alternative you can look at SM Wholesale's service shoes for $200 which are high quality as well: https://www.smwholesaleusa.com/shop-footwear/wwii-us-1941-russet-low-boots-x8npg -Cody
  11. I agree that helmets look nice along with pocket books, maybe propped up on a little stands and various pieces of gear like canteens ect. You can even add one or two of those LED push lights on the underside of some/all of the shelves to give the look of a museum case.
  12. You could use that same stand but add one of the half-dome Styrofoam balls you find at craft stores and cover it with cloth. That way it's more like the top of a head.
  13. Man, this is one of the most eye appealing focused collections I've seen! The assortment of uniforms, jewelry and paper items is superb and I bet the hunt for such things is super thrilling. I collect a lot of similar stuff but with a focus toward the 34th ID. I actually have that same Italian made "1944" bracelet but the links are in a different order. No doubt a great souvenir for the dog face who fought in the MTO. Do you reenact too by chance or purely collect/put on displays? Cody
  14. Great resting pose on that mannequin, unlike lots of the stiff dummies out there! I especially like the attached helmet stand rather than a head which distracts less from the uniform/gear. Nice work!
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