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  1. Thanks for your help gentlemen! I collect SF stuff as well so this uniform will be deplaid on a next mannequin. - Aury
  2. Alright, thanks a lot for your help! I think I am going to keep it for the moment, but I will gladly contact you if I change my mind. - Aury
  3. Thanks for posting aips! So this was worn by the South Vietnamiese Police ? Do you know if the US Green Berets wore those ? - Aury
  4. Hi guys, I recently picked this set of camouflaged jacket and pants. The camouflage and the shap reminded me some ARVN uniforms, but I am no expert. The sleeves of the shirt are shorts. There are stamps in both the shirt and the pants. What do you think this is ? Is it VN war era ? Thanks! - Aury
  5. Hi everyone, Once again I need your knowledges for my Airborne studies ! What is the history of the creation of the very rare M1941 Jump Suit, the uniform created before the M42 ? Here are more precise questions : - When was it drawn/created ? - Who created this model ? I know Yarborough participated in the creation of the M42 Uniform, but did he also for the M41 ? - When began/stopped the production ? - Who made it ? Any information you can have about this uniform, please let me know ! Thanks ! Cheers, Aury
  6. Thanks for your answer and the pictures. I know those types and those are the comenly known Riddel helmets. But this is clearly the same chin strap than the one presented on photo 1. Gray metal button snaps. My guess is that would be another type of manufacture, but who knows ? Maybe you're right, could be post war. I found this in a WWII grouping so I'll wait for further informations. Cheers, Aury
  7. Hi, Thanks for your answer. But this chin strap is the exact same than the one on the first picture of the book : it's button snaps for both chin stap, on the 1st and 2nd photo of the books, except of course the 3rd picture with the "regular" chin strap we all know. I see what you mean about the A slings of the para liner, but this is the regular helmet everybody knows. But there's another one, like M. De Trez's, with button snaps and I try to figure what is the difference between those. Attached are pictures of the button snap chin strap on the plastic helmet (dated 1943) (82nd in Nor
  8. Hi everyone, I own this chin strap that I'm sure fits the paratrooper plastic Riddel helmet. It came with a silk paramap and a small evasion compass. I found a picture of this chin stap in M. De Trez book : But this is not the "regular" chin stap we usely see on Riddel helmets. It has snap dots and no leather chin protection rolled, like this one for example (Geronimo book) : So my question his what type of chin stap is this ? From what I heard it is a very first type of Riddel helmets used by Test Platoon before the type with the leather roll arrived. Do you co
  9. Thanks a lot Ski ! It's going to help me for my chronology. Any information about the Subdued patches ? Aury
  10. Hi everyone, I'm a 82nd Airborne collector and I'd like to know when the nylon, the Subdued, the Merrow Edge, and the Tan patches appeared ? I know some nylon patches were manufactured before 1946 but very few. Than the Merrow Edge replaced the Cut Edge : when ? Then the Sudbued arrived for combat uniforms : when ? And Tan ones arived too : when ? Please help me making a chronology of this patch. I have every kind of 82nd patches from WWI to today but I'd like to an approximative date on each one. Then do you know who created/draw the insignia in 1918 ? Thanks for your he
  11. Hi everybody, Very nice patches ! I have a question though : when were the 82nd Subdued and Tan patches adopted ? Thanks ! Aury
  12. Hi ! I'm doing exacly the same work than you 17thairborne ! I'd be glad to post what I've done when I'll be over with this long and taugh work.
  13. Hello guys, I am very confused with Pathfinder patches now. I have 2 questions for Airborne experts here : Were they any US Made during WWII ? And were they any Italian made during WWII ? I now that the US made PF patches after WWII, during VN war for example, but when did they start manufactering it ? During WWII or after 1945 ? Thanks !! :thumbsup: Aury
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