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  1. All the paperwork I have of my dad's service indicts he was in the 9th AF, 372nd Fighter Group, 407th Fighter Squadron, but I can't find anything on the internet about it other than what relates to the types of planes they used (P-39s from what I found). Every site I have come across skips over both the 372nd and the 407th like they never existed Any help is appreciated. In the mean time I'll look thru his papers again.
  2. Thanks folks just what I was looking for. IF I can do a decent job I'll post a picture or two.
  3. I'm trying to help a friend build a 1/6 model of a M274 Mule. I've been searching the internet for data on on the tires and wheels and all I can come up with is (I think) the tires were 7.5x20 balloon tires. Nothing on the rim. The 7.5x20 type designations have always been trouble for me to understand because I've never found a tire where these dimensions meant anything physically. If I knew the O.D. and width of the tire and the O.D. of the rim I think I can make one on my lathe that would be a close match. Any help is appreciated. Bob
  4. I've always liked the FW-190 A8 and the way it looked with the BMW radial engine in the nose. Never cared much for the D9. The 190 looks the part of a fighter. Next on the list would have to be the Spitfire. What a beautiful airplane with that elliptical wing!!! My 3rd choice (there's no way to pick just one) would be the B-17. I think because my dad was in the USAAF as an armorer and that's all he ever talked about. But just reading the exploits of the crews, especially those of the Bloody 100th BG, is enough for me. If you can ever get hold of a copy of "Flying Fortress" by Edw
  5. For those of you that can't seem to find a 1:1 version...here's a scaled down B-17 gunner: B-17 Gunner It's a little pricey, right now the various online retailers are having pre-orders starting at $160. It does look nice though. Also, there's a company that makes/sells a 1/6 B-17 and a ball turret ($125): WINGSPAN MODELS I don't know if they have any pictures up on their site yet, but the owner sent me a few:
  6. Were there any trailers pulled by U.S. motorcycles in WW2? If so, any idea what the designation number is or photos? Thanks, Bob
  7. Nice jacket Ken These army HBT camo unis have to me my favorite. there's a previous post with a number of actual photos showing it being worn. Any idea what outfit it came from? Also, I've never seen a camo gas hood for one of these, that must a a rare find indeed.
  8. My dad was in the USAAF, stationed in England (where he met my mom) and France: Here's what I could gather from all the paperwork I have on him: April 1943 153rd OBSN Sqdn June 1944 HQ 9th Tactical Air Command Private USAAF November 1944 70th Replacement depot (AAF) May 1945 9th Air Force 372 Fighter Group (Cpl. in 407 Fighter Squadron) Anyway, when I gathered his stuff up after he passed away, I came across this little item: On the front, it has a Douglas and Boeing emblem. On the back (inside) it has a number 3-21034-4. I finally asked on one of t
  9. Thanks Actually I think I found what I was looking for by searching here: GOOGLE PATENTS
  10. Fantastic collection I can't imagine what hoops you had to jump thru to acquire some of these The Navy command I worked for had an Admirals uniform in a case by the front door (as do a lot of commands) and often wondered what becomes of all this stuff when commands merge or get eliminated. My command changed names at least 4 times and I know each time things got put in boxes never again to see the light of day. One of my co-workers that retired with me back in January of this year had been with the command since conception and he said he wanted the old plaques with the names of each
  11. One of the purposes behind "sound-powered" systems is that in the event that electrical power is lost onboard ship you can still communicate. The "circuitry" in a sound-powered set needs no outside power source and it converts sound waves into an electrical signal that is carried thru the wires to another headset. I recently retired from civil service after 30 years working for the Navy. I wish I had paid more attention to the sound-powered system still in use to see if they had changed any from what these pictures show.
  12. Where can I find dimensional data on combat rims and maybe a picture of a cross-section of the whole wheel? Also, were the ones used on trucks the same as those used on howitzers? Here's a picture of what I'm looking for:
  13. Here's the link to the museum in Norfolk: MacArthur Memorial I went to it shortly after it first opened. I remember seeing a lot of Japanese "acquired items" throughout the museum, but the last time I went it was all gone. I'm not sure if it was on loan or not. They do have his 1950 Chrysler Crown Imperial Limousine in one of the annex buildings. The last time I went they were selling the 1/6 figure of the general there.
  14. I've found no official proof that the reason was because they were mistakenly shot at by friendly fire, but in Bando's book one of the G.I.s says when he was wounded he woke up in a group of Germans. He asked a nurse to move him and she replied that he should count himself lucky that he was still alive and called him a damn Kraut. So at least they mistook him for German at the hospital. Again, I've not been able to find any After Action Reports to verify friendly fire as a result of the uniforms. If someone can produce something I sure would like to settle this ongoing question.
  15. In the next to last picture of the 2nd batch there appears to be a couple of G.I.s wearing camo helmet covers or at least painted helmets. I've never seen any camo helmet covers used by the Army, only USMC. Does anyone have any info on this?
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