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  1. Steve, A couple of years ago I made a barrel and wheels for a Confederate Napoleon 12-Pounder. I sent the masters to panzerwerk so he (also Steve) could make molds and cast a few for sale. Here's the link: BARREL 9-1/2" WHEEL I had pictures of my completed cannon but I must have deleted them from my host site. If I can find them I'll post again. Bob
  2. I've been imagining what a formation of them would sound/look like :w00t: With only one in the air it sounded like 4 separate RC planes in the air, but with 1/2 dozen or so... :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  3. Here's a yahoo email addy they were using for people who wanted to join their forum and particiapte in the upcoming online DX09 expo: mdfcclub@yahoo.com You could also try calling Dragon Models USA: DRAGON MODELS USA I see a phone number, but not sure if they have an email addy on that site.
  4. Doc, I have one of "your" figures, pretty cool man!!! They did pretty good on your likeness. Now you can claim celebrity status just like Tom Cruise as Claus Von Stauffenberg: D.I.D. VON STAUFFENBERG
  5. John, Thanks for the quick response! I'll keep looking to see if I can pin down any units that received them. Bob
  6. From what I can tell, the M5 and M9 halftracks were made by International Harvester whereas the M3 was made by White. I've seen photos of M5s and M9s with U.S. markings, but all the data I've found says they were given to other countries as part of the Lend-Lease program. Is there any evidence they were supplied to G.I.s as well or well all of them Lend-Lease? The photos in the book (Squadron #34) I have may be production models only and not "in the field" Thanks, Bob
  7. svt40, In the 2nd photo, is that Navy emblem/USN upside down on purpose?!?!?! All this Velcro...maybe they can get the entire crew of a carrier on deck and, instead of making tunes with trash can lids, they can make some music by opening/closing the Velcro lol! At least they haven't gone back to those nylon (?) unis that were reported to catch fire and melt from things like a Bic lighter in a pocket. Seal76 wrote: No joke. I guess they want to feel like they fit in. I suspect all these new uniforms are the result of some "gumint" contractor's lobbying efforts. I wor
  8. If the DOD wanted to give the Navy a camo uniform they should have made them Haze Gray LOL!!! What on earth does a sailor need camo for on a ship?!?!?! And even if they did need camo for shore duty (like filling in manpower gaps in the desert), all the services ought to wear the same camo. I also question the use of Velcro on unis. There's no way you can open a Velcro pocket without making noise which is going to get you shot at if you're in an ambush type scenario.
  9. While I prefer hardback books like Jon's (I think I have all your books Jon!), I have found a few non-military magazines that are free for downloading (so I guess I'm really not reading them online after all). I think they're all pdf format and easy to read on a 19" LCD screen. Look here: MODEL RAILROAD HOBBYIST and here: SEABOARD COAST LINE MODELER and here: O SCALE MAGAZINE I especially like the way you can click on a web address in the magazine and it'll open the link. The problem of online stuff is that it's there one day and gone the next, the user has no
  10. Just got "Most Secret: The Cockleshell Canoes" by Quentin Rees. It's about the British military canoes in WW2 and the commando teams that used them.
  11. Just got the book and the photos of the old planes and crews, and the "repro" photos are great for historians and modelers. I'm just starting to read it, but so far have found nothing in reference to the 372nd FG or 407th FS (my dad's unit). It's almost conspicuous in it's absence, like it never existed. I'm sure it did as I have plenty of old paperwork referring to it.
  12. I model in 1/6 scale and there is very little in the way of kits or ready built crew-served weapons or vehicles. Therefore I have to build my own or spend several hundred or even thousands of $$$ to buy. You'd think in this scale it would be easier to build something because of it's size, but IMO it's harder since parts have to be made or bought at much higher prices than say 1/35 scale stuff. Reference material is another part that is difficult for me. Even though I have books and can search the internet, seeing the real deal up close sure makes a difference when having to make some
  13. Brandon, LOL, I should have known that. Sometimes I don't see the obvious (forest for the trees thing). Here's a photo of a trailer I found on the internet, but I can't relocate the website I found it on (they also had a Navy MKIV trailer in their photos). It could very well be someone on this forum so please forgive me for not giving credit for the photo: I'd like to find the dimensions of this trailer if possible.
  14. Thanks Craig! Pictures do speak volumes don't they?
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