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  1. I have a heat stamp 216 A5 with OD-7 straps and steel hardware
  2. I'm posting this helmet just fro general discussion and opinion; it has been in my collection for several years. I'm curious if anyone has ever seen a Red Cross like this one? It looks like it is heavily enameled, I don't know if it baked on or just multiple coats of paint but either way it is certainly unique. The "white" circle is flaking and, for lack of a better term, "silvered". It came with a salty Vietnam-era liner and the T-1 clip with a cut strap that I chose to leave untouched. So, I figured I'd share for all to enjoy/discuss/etc.
  3. Fantastic piece and great history! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
  4. Damn! that story about the PFC catching a ride to a safe assignment...just damn. Thanks for the links though, great (if sad) reading.
  5. Thank you for sharing these! You live in a beautiful province; despite the horrors witnessed in these small towns I was amazed by the friendliness of the people and beauty of the region when I had the chance to visit and see where my forebears fought. Belgium is a lovely country and the Ardennes is amazing.
  6. Fascinating history Tom, thanks so much for the research! What a shame, to make it through 81 missions and crack up back in the states.
  7. Very cool! If there was a Jr. do you think that means Bolivar 1 was no more?
  8. Just a quick look, but it seems that Iggy and Charles A. were brothers from Wisconsin. From Ancestry: Birth of BrotherHis brother Ignatz was born on July 5, 1922, in Wisconsin when Charles A was 11 years old. Ignatz Gierok 1922–1997 5 Jul 1922 • Wisconsin
  9. I see the 7th AF note, how do you know 30th BG? Not disputing it, just curious - do you know from elsewhere that Bolivar was in the 30th? Thanks.
  10. I second that! Thank you for all of the info about the CPS/helmet markings, I've never heard any of that before. Very neat and useful.
  11. I'm pretty ignorant of AAF uniforms, but any chance that could be a Navy Privateer crew? Or maybe they just had access to Navy gear being in the PTO and the Talker Helmet fits over their headphones? Either way, really neat pic, thanks for sharing.
  12. The date on the TM in the picture is Oct. 1981, and the label in one of mine is dated 1/82, but I have no idea how long they were used. When I saw some helicopter refuelers using them at a FARP in the mid-late 80s I just figured it was a version of the CVC worn by the tread heads.
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