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  1. It is a Phillips Officers saddle pommel pocket. The key section that slots into the pommel of the saddle is missing, but otherwise it is in overall good condition.
  2. Thanks for the additional information, an interesting variation.
  3. Interesting variation, I have seen a few where the shoulder straps are sewn direct, from memory all were later alterations. I have had a single bag with just a web suspender and no metal fixings, I currentIy have a pair that have had the original fittings removed with a new piece of web professionally sewn to the back and the remaining suspenders, but being a different color web the alteration is clear to see. Are your suspenders both all one piece and if so are the narrower ends constructed in the same way as your standard pair, do they have the short web billets attached? Loo
  4. They look to be a pair of US Gauntlets used by US mounted troops from 1884-1908. The earliest pairs were made of goatskin although similar in color to these but those are more lightweight. The other patterns were buckskin except for those made in 1903/4 which were yellow horsehide, this is what these could be but US issued gauntlets are usually stamped with the contract details and size, also the inside of the cuff is also normally a much lighter shade. These may be a private purchase pair, difficult to tell without seeing any stamps. Here is a good topic by World War One Nerd he shows th
  5. Does the belt have two pockets? If so a US Mills 1909 revolver cartridge belt.
  6. That is a very nice example, thanks for sharing. I thought I would add a couple of photos taken from a photo Album of Ohio National Guard troops on the Border 1916, the first shows an Ohio stamped dismounted model canteen, in the second photo the center officer looks to be carrying the mounted version canteen. Kurt Kurt
  7. Last but not least one of my favourite photos from my collection, again the 13th Pennsylvania. Not sure what the soldier on the left is hiding in his sweater, love his wooly chaps.
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