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  1. That is a very nice example, thanks for sharing. I thought I would add a couple of photos taken from a photo Album of Ohio National Guard troops on the Border 1916, the first shows an Ohio stamped dismounted model canteen, in the second photo the center officer looks to be carrying the mounted version canteen. Kurt Kurt
  2. Last but not least one of my favourite photos from my collection, again the 13th Pennsylvania. Not sure what the soldier on the left is hiding in his sweater, love his wooly chaps.
  3. I think you done well on the price. Good observation, some of these vary in that they are completed belts that later had the parts removed, others are in different stages of being completed, I expect with yours it was completed in that way with all the grommets to make a more usable belt, it might make it a slightly more desirable variation, perhaps others here have similar examples to share?
  4. I would say they are not too common but certainly not rare, although their desirability is limited. Value is a difficult one perhaps $50--$80. Maybe a search on some web sites or ebay might give a better idea of value.
  5. You have an unfinished Cartridge belt .30 Model 1912. They do show up from time to time, if you do a search I think you will see others in different stages of completion as well as finished examples. Hope this helps. Kurt.
  6. Thanks again for another informative post, this time on such a scarce belt. I was unaware on exactly the numbers involved with regards to them being issued. As you will know from my post I have owned mine for quite a few years and do not recall seeing many others, perhaps one other but no doubt there are other survivors so if anyone has one it would be nice to see. Well done on finding such a rarity and in such good condition Kurt
  7. Hi Franco Those in the link are a very nice example of the later change to buckskin. Just in case you have not seen it World War One Nerd done some great work on WW1 gloves and gauntlets, included in that he shows gauntlets and the spec changes for them. Here is a link: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/274676-aef-gloves-gauntlets-mittens-1917-to-1919/ Just for reference I should add the gauntlets in the photo I posted are slightly lighter in colour than they appear in the photo. The two Volume work by McChristian is well worth having. Volume one covers, Clothing, Headgear and Footwear. Volume two covers Weapons and Accoutrements. Kurt.
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