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  1. Hi guys, Are these patches both ww2 era? The 101st seems a type 10 to me. But would like to hear your opinions! Best, Bart
  2. Too bad. Thick thread white back.. Couldn't be different. Thanks for confirming. Bart.
  3. Something went wrong with uploading pics.
  4. Hi, I bought this white back 82nd Patch this week in a lot with different ww2 patches. Despite it is a white back patch, I don 't know for sure if this is a correct WWII era patch.. There are so many variants. Would like to hear your opinions on this patch!
  5. Thanks everyone for your time to learn me more of this devil of a patch.. Never knew it would be so hard to see how old the 508th patches are and that there are many different variants of this patch. @AllanH, special thanks for your input in this topic, i have learnt a lot!
  6. So this could be a WWII period patch?
  7. Thanks, how could I determine this example is a post-ww2 version? I am eager to learn more about this kind of patch!
  8. Thanks Bill. It's a 3 inch patch 7.63cm. So this means that it is a post WWII example? Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi everyone, I have a question about this 508PIR fat Devil patch. Is this a WWII period patch? I looked a lot on the internet and this forum, but couldn't find this exact sample. Thank you in advance!
  10. Nice helmet, good score. Even the dumbbell weights in the background of the last picture are
  11. I got exact the same brown camo pattern on a bright green painted helmet dugged up in Groesbeek, it was found in a foxhole near 'De Duivelsberg' where units of the 508PIR had some fierce resistance from German Fallschirmjäger units. I have seen this type of camo on several helmets, found in 82nd Areas like Normandy and Nijmegen/Groesbeek/Mook. Very sexy helmet. Love it. Looks exact the same helmet as the one showed in Michel DeTrez's "US paratrooper helmets".
  12. Thank you all for your comments, i really like to share what i find. Maybe it can help collectors of minty stuff what kind of stuff the 82nd paratroopers used during Op. Market-Garden.
  13. Got more stuff to show, but no time to post it right now, will update the topic this saturday! Thanks for your comments
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