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  1. Can anyone name this engine please I am thinking it's from Ww1
  2. This photo was in a box of Us military photos I picked up in England can any one help with the photo please?
  3. Picked this up today in Liverpool its dated 1944 to me they look like twins
  4. Thanks for the replys. I would be great to put a name to the face
  5. Is this the place you are looking for www.motorbooks.co.uk/
  6. Hi I found this photo in a box of bits at a carboot sale in Liverpool England
  7. That's very cool Philip thanks for finding the info for me
  8. Thanks Philip for the quick reply, it says C to C and a date of 3.3.44 so C could be the first letter of his name and the other C could be his sweethearts
  9. Hi is it possible to tell me if this is an American dog tag or a British one please I picked it up at a carboot sale at the weekend.
  10. No just this one and some ones holiday photos. I had to crop it to fit the forum, when you see it in large form it is much clearer.It would by much better if you could see it in it's original size,
  11. Picked this up at the local carboot sale it's says libertion of Paris rally 1974,it's an original photo
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