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  1. Huge load of confidential and top secret papers related to pacific campaigns. His own personal notes and messages hand written maps during battle.
  2. Don't know how common they are but found them right interesting!
  3. Found this small old dish at a flea market about 20 years ago. Shows lots of wear with most of the gold worn off around the edges. Could it have been a item given away at a GAR event in the past?
  4. After looking at the inside of the base more closely with a light it looks more like a conical base instead of a plug base
  5. Dug this yesterday. Has a 1/2 inch deep plug base. Weird sharps? Scarce?
  6. Soldier must have been caught off guard and forgot to remove the tompion?
  7. Is this a early WWll horse bridle or used earlier. What period are the rosettes?
  8. Measures 12 inches long and made of heavy wool.
  9. Can you tell me the period of this parachute from the specs? Thanks!
  10. Thanks a million for that information appreciate it!
  11. Army issued jacket dated 1941 and made from what looks like tent material. Two breast pockets and is closed in front with 2 snaps and 4 buttons. Interesting sleeves which have a inner and outer sleeve as shown in photo.
  12. I've picked up quite a few ponchos and coats but this is my first rain jacket. Must be a little harder to find?
  13. Could this be a early experimental parka? I need to find A photo of this parka somwhere. I've looked on the internet but haven't found one.
  14. Just dug this out of one of my footlockers I had stored away 20 years ago.
  15. Stenciled inside> Coat, Shooting, Cotton, Sateen, Green 27 June 1958
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