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  1. They are far and away the best of friends and the best at helping out fellow collectors as we. I’ve learned so much from them and I try to “pay it forward” with any help I too cam offer. These came from a friend in trade. I gave him “dead President’s” LOL 😉
  2. Again Jeff, thank you so very much for helping me put the service regiments this hero served with during his honorable military service. Fellow collectors and friends such as you make this hobby so enjoyable. Tom
  3. Double post, moderators please remove this post. Thank you.
  4. Hello all. I recently picked up this set locally and although both items are named I cannot pinpoint the regiment or hometown of this hero. I thought that posting it here one of my more knowledgeable Forum friends may be able to shed light on his service attachments. I apologize in advance for my poor photo quality and abilities. 🙁 Thank you all in advance for any help that might be forthcoming. And yes, there still are nice items to be found, it’s just a short term atmosphere we find ourselves in. Stay safe during this health crisis and I pray that soon we all will be baby to enjoying the shows and the comraderie of our collecting community. Tom
  5. Hello all, I recently picked up this nice set of identified militaria and tho I have his name, both on the medal and the tag, I have not been able to access other info about this hero. So I thought I would post it here and see if any of my more knowledgeable Forum friends might be able to shed light on his regiment or home state or city. The MBSM is numbered 10096. And his name on both items is: FRANK L PALUMBO. Any help us greatly appreciated as always. Thank you all so very much and remember during this Covid crisis to stay safe and be careful. And te#, there still are good items to be found, it just is a different atmosphere, we’ll be back to normal I pray by 2021. Tom (Tarheelyankee)
  6. And a big thank you very much to you as well Blacksmith. It is fellow collectors as both you and a Robert who make our hobby so much more fun, enjoyable and educational.
  7. Thank you so very much Robert, you’re the best. Please stay safe and healthy. Shows may be cancelled or postponed, but our hobby and relic communities go on.
  8. Hello all, I and hoping that my fellow Forum friends might be able to help put a name to a medal that I am in the process of trading for. Its not a done deal yet but looking good, so I have no picture yet but will post one if the deal goes thru. It is a nice Spanish War service medal with a rim number of 5489. Any help will be much appreciated. With any luck, the hero just might be a fellow New Yorker. Thank you all in advance for any and all help that might be forthcoming. And please all, stay safe and healthy during this virus crisis. We as united Americans will get thru this together. God Bless America. Tom
  9. Hope to see a lot of Forum members from CNY there. I’ll be set up, but Mark is in Oklahoma, he’ll be here with me in April.
  10. Thank you so very much Bill, this Forum and it’s members are THE best.
  11. Hello all, Won this nice set on eBay last week. No ribbons but they came together as you see. Numbered Army Philippine Insurrection Medal No. 9720 along with a State of Wisconsin War with Spain Medal. I do not have access to the medal rolls so Im hoping one of the many fellow medal collectors might be able to put a name and/or unit to this grouping. It was a Buy it Now or Best Offer, I threw an offer and he accepted. There still are good buys off eBay. ?? Thanks for looking and a big thank you for any help and/or opinions forth coming. Tom
  12. Thanks a bunch my fellow Forum friend. Had bigger pics but could not upload to the site and I must have shrunk it down too too small, next time I’ll be better. It’s not rocket science, but then again, I’m new technology stupid I think the New Jersey hero is the better choice because of the Northeast connection. You guys are the best here for any help and assistance , thanks again, Tom
  13. Hello all, picked this Heart up in a trade and was hoping some of the more knowledgeable Forum collectors can take a look and verify if this indeed is WWII period engraving, and maybe shed light on the hero who was awarded this decoration. William J. Miller seems to be a quite common name, but maybe he might show up on an AGO card. The collector said it came out of the Plattsburgh NY area. Thank you all for looking and possibly extending your opinions. Sorry for the sideways view, Im still new at this, LOL Tom
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