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  1. 91st Evacuation Crest. 91st Evacuation Hospital in Chu Lai, Vietnam
  2. I am told there are photos and records on the veteran that can be available for copy. I have no interest in this sale but here is the link: https://ctbids.com/?site=1#!/description/share/323231
  3. Jacket named to (C. A. R. L. M. O. S. S.)
  4. I saw this jacket on an auction site and just wanted to preserve and share the photos. They show an A-2 jacket from the 485th Bomb Group, 828th Squadron apparently from a B-24 aircraft named "LIFE". I apologize for the poor quality photos pulled from the auction site. More photos coming...
  5. A few years ago I purchased a large quantity (truckload) of desert combat uniforms and other surplus. I began looking at the uniforms just now and found a common jacket that I believe belonged to US Ambassador Martin L. Cheshes. Looks like it was never worn and the laundry tag was probably placed there after name tapes were sewn on. I guess somehow this ended up in DRMO along with uniforms of soldiers at the time. I had no clue what "POLAD" meant so I looked it up HERE Martin L. Cheshes (1939–) Career Foreign Service Officer State of Residence: Georgia Ambassador Extraordinary
  6. Here is a recent acquisition from a Texas estate sale. "GREAT BALLS OF FIRE". I love the design on this one.
  7. This patch is one of two versions listed on page 113 of the book by Trevor Paglen titled "I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me".
  8. Hoping someone can advise me on the going value for a patch like this nowadays. From what I can tell they are not commonly available. Thanks for the help!
  9. Another recent acquisition. Can you tell me when and perhaps where it was made? Thanks.
  10. Found it...962nd Airborne Early Warning and Control Squadron
  11. I have exhausted all my print resources and cannot ID this patch. Anyone know it?
  12. Can you identify this patch and time period? Air Force weather detachment? Thanks for the help.
  13. Here is a view of the backside with modern patches. Looks like patches were added for a 50th anniversary or reunion event. Seller has offers nearing 3K for the set. Many photo slides, some printed military photos and a named 11th Airborne album are other individual items offered for sale.
  14. The seller now has offers exceeding 2K for this set. Owner is still living and was a member of the 503rd RCT in the Philippines. Out of my reach for more information and photos.
  15. Last image. It has the belt also.
  16. Pocket closure snaps appear as brass.
  17. I have an opportunity to purchase this set and hoping someone here can help validate this as real. The front zipper is marked Crown and the armpit vent holes have no grommets. No decent photos available for a closer look.
  18. This was found today and appears to be some sort of project delta triangle patch with some unknown tab attached. Is that a correct ID and what is the tab for? Comments and information requested.
  19. Mark, Thank you! That helps a great deal. Happy to confirm a connection with the unit and time period. If your reference is a publication I would like to read the source info. David
  20. Showing for discussion this unattributed veteran estate sale patch believed for Marine Attack Squadron (VMA)-311. I have not been able to locate evidence of a similar patch. Excerpt from the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing history page..."In April 1948, '311 received the first jet aircraft to be introduced to Marine aviation, the F-80A Shooting Star, followed in September by the F9F2 Panther. It was during this time that the squadron acquired the letters "WL" as its tail designator, or “William Love” in the phonetic alphabet used at the time. The evidence suggests that it was this nickname which
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