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  1. Uniformcollector is that Steve Martin DBDU in your personal collection? If so thats an amazing item to have.
  2. The US Navy tabbed one is likely to be for a Navy corpsman (medic). The Navy traditionally supply the medics for USMC units. Maybe he is the medic for the Scout Sniper Platoon.
  3. Hi Ewart.  Thank you for reply for Captain Raynes suit information.  I am not a member of Legacy either.   Perhaps, I will join?  Here are two pictures of his suit which you may enjoy.



  4. Previously posted in the BDU thread here is a 'Safety' BDU. And a DOD Civilian ABU.
  5. Here is a starter for ten on the name, granted it's his wife obituary, however the dates mentioned seen about right and so does the middle initial: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/judy-raynes-obituary?pid=169808018 And here is what I believe will be a newspaper article about him, however I haven't signed up to the page to get the article. https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/10022623/
  6. Thanks for restarting this thread CAP. Some cracking uniforms here. I must dig mine out. I have a USPHS, a US Police SRT modified one and a US DOE one.
  7. And don't forget just because it is a 1993 contract date does not mean that it was produced in 1993. That's just the year that specific contract was started. I believe there was a thread on here or OEF/OIF forum that documented a garment with an early 2000's contract date but had a camouflage pattern that would have post-dated the contract by many years, some research by the poster lead to find that the contract had been modified to account for the change of camouflage. These are really nice BDU's, with the addition of the writing on the cuff. I like things like that, I'll
  8. The user that posted this collection hasn't logged into the forum for over 4 years.
  9. Did better than me. The google search I did, admittedly it was .co.uk search, bought back no results.
  10. Thanks for the explanation. I'll claim limey status and not knowing the progression times between different ranks, you guys have way more NCO ranks than we do.
  11. If it was legit could it be the Sgt Christopher Garcia seen on the manifest? I have some higher ranking Sgt BDU's/DCU's that I've really struggled to find bar a quick mention on together we served. This one doesn't appear to have been laundered much as you can still see the stitch marks on the lower of the jacket, but from the picture I can not see any discolouration. The stitching on the tapes, ranks and qualification badges seems ok from this angle.
  12. Thanks for the first picture. I have a 9th PSU DBDU, first time I've come across a picture of it in the field.
  13. I can help with the British Desert Shirt - soldier 95 (s95) pattern Desert Disruptive Pattern Material (DDPM) shirt. On the right arm is British Para Wings and the Drop Zone Flash of the 7th Parachute Regiment - Royal Horse Artillery. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7th_Parachute_Regiment_Royal_Horse_Artillery and on the left arm is a small Union Flag, the insignia of 16th Air Assault Brigade and the qualification patch for the All Arms Commando Course. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Arms_Commando_Course
  14. 1998 contract date. For the Urban Warrior Exercises which ran in 1998/99, more specifically seen in the 99 one. Even the report T-pattern items go for silly amounts these days. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Urban_Warrior#Exercises_in_Chicago,_May_1998
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