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  1. Upper right is a Combat Mission count patch.I do not remember what the gold and silver indicated.If I recall there is a thread on it.
  2. Vark, Welcome aboard.Here is some of my bad french,Bienvenue! Do not be shy.Ask all the questions you like.As you know there is a wealth of knowledge here. My mer'e was from Nancy,a war bride. Stay safe,Bob
  3. Since boxed 30-06 ammo was labeled "Cal 30 M 2",I would think it would be for weapons that fired this round.
  4. Photos would help greatly.I am no expert,however a Colt frame and Ithaca slide would make it a put together. My quess is it is a reblue as it should be parkerized.As to the checkered controls.not sure. Someone will be along with more knowledge. Good luck.
  5. Police motorcycle officer.Do not know if used in military.
  6. If I recall correctly,Chuck Yaeger was shot down,survived,and escaped. He had to lobby hard to get back into action because of the rules discussed above.
  7. W(?) Regional Territory. Just a quess. A geographical area with an organized militia.
  8. Square butt. Nice Buscadero style rig.
  9. Any protective finish applied to the blade and tang would have been destroyed by the peening process in the area, when putting on the the pommel. Anti-corrosion measure.
  10. Pvt.McNeely ,82nd Airborne appears to have lost all his fingers on his left hand.Except for the cane on Cpl.McBride you can not tell they are fresh from hospital.They made it home.
  11. Better not clean or polish it.It would not be a salty surviving example of 100's used through out the fleet. Treat it like you would one of those M-1 things that millions were made.Just watch out for fakery! You know sawdust instead of genuine period bread crumbs.Use one of those fancy microscope thingies to look for the burnt gluten.😜 Just funnin' w/u. Neat example.
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