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  1. Well worth the wait.Super nice.Looks mint with no sign of sharpening or wear.
  2. Can not tell you the exact use of the container.However,"coal oil" was specifically used for cleaning in the Ordnance Department.Also used for lamps in the field otherwise provided by the Quartermaster Corp. This may help in trying to determine what your container was for.
  3. Bienvenue, My mother was from Nancy.(war bride)
  4. You've been busy! Nice finds.This will keep you busy for awhile.Like the tail plane cover also. Bob
  5. Looks like a Garand to me.Angle of rifle makes it look shorter.
  6. Derek, Nice visor cover. Flighthelmet .com sells the 3M reflective tape in 1"& 2 " widths. Bob
  7. Glad it worked out for you.
  8. Hello to a fellow Mountaineer, Give Eric a call at GSI .He makes the pads you pictured.He can tell you what foam he uses or he may sell you some.#1-860-247-7787.
  9. A very nice grouping.Love the F-4 items.The helmet visor and track have been damaged over the years.He never would have flown it in that condition.I would be tempted to replace the visor cover and track,but that's just me. It would drive me crazy like that. I have about 15 or 20 of these visors covers if you want one PM me. Visors and knobs and tracks are available as you know.
  10. I would think that ETO/MTO medics would be the ones likely to carry another canteen.
  11. Jon is a great guy,however he can be spotty on communications.Quality items.
  12. Welcome from a fellow Chicago area collector.
  13. Sliver solder would work if you can concentrate the heat.The helmet will act as a heatsink and take the heat away from spot where you want it.Any solder or brazing will destroy the paint.Flux is the key to getting a good joint.You must read it and know when to apply the solder. There are heat pastes that can help with the heat travelling. Good luck.
  14. The above post is incorrect.It should read Colonel and below.He should have been eligible.
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